Found 1 seed in an oz of White Widow! please help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dankhanks, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I'm in dire need of some input. I just found 1 seed in
    the ounce of WW i got. Almost flipped my wig at the
    sight of it. I was wondering if there is actually any
    value to the seed, and if i can successfully grow this
    1 seed. I am familiar with the germination process, i
    had many trials WITH errors when i was a naive
    teenager, but germination was never a problem, it was
    during the vegetative state where my plants would get
    real lengthy, weak, brittle, this and that - ofcourse i
    was attempting to grow multiple swag seeds.

    Also, considering my living arrangements with
    parentals(yep, back under the roof dammit, but hey, i'm
    not paying $600 a month - so i appreciate the shelter),
    i have very limited room for actually growing. I can
    easily get away with germination, and easily get away
    with putting the sprout in a solo cup or something, but
    after the 2/3 week mark - thats where i know i will
    start to have problems. Any suggestions on some nice
    hidden spots great for growing?

    and i was wondering..... I have the seed sealed in a
    bag, dry. considering its strain, i'm weary of the lil
    bugger dying :( - anything i should do in particular?
    Feedback, Input, comments please. thanks :D
  2. if all you got is one seed then I'm gonna make a strong guess that it is a stress seed. the plant it came from most likely cloned. no male plants. no plants pollinated. Hang on to the seed till you have the means to grow it.

    Lights. a pot. some air movement (fans make strong plants). You can grow the plant and make clone when you first top it. grow the clone as a small plant and transfer the mother plant to a location outside somewhere. ic it goes bye-bye you still have the clone.

    This is just what I would prolly do if I wanted to grow the seed. this is also assuming that stress seeds will grow. you still have to hope it's not a male then.

  3. most of this information is wayyyyyyyyyy over my head bro. All i pretty much know how to do is germinate the seed, and plant it. yea i am hoping its female. how do you clone the plant? by topping the mother and planting the baby growth at the top?
  4. I would advise you not to grow in your parents house. You should be considerate they are sheltering you and not put them at risk without them even being aware. Unless you live in a country where it's legal to grow and you just don't want them to know.

  5. you're right, i shouldn't.... are there any good outdoor setups for a strain like this?
  6. I've never grown outdoors, but you should post a new thread in the outdoor growing section

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