Discussion in 'General' started by SteelersPens, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Been on many of them over the years..whether it was a sports estate..whatever. Well this is the first one I've ever been on that I haven't seen so many people get upset over a dumb question/comment( not saying it doesn't happen, but not even close what I always see).

    Wonder why?

    Just my way of I saying I'm digging this forum. Glad to have found it.
  2. Still the best forum Ive ever been apart of
  3. its the most easy going on what you can post. that i'm amember of. and ihave 30,000 posts collectively. 24,000 of which are on 1 forum.
  4. It's the most easy-going forum because everyone's high! :hello: :smoking:
  5. Ha.

    Yup..thats where I was going with this

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