forums need new(darker) colors

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by schism jman, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. maybe we should have an option to choose another DARKER colored theme.

    I find that when im high as hell, the colors are just too intense and there is not enough contrast between links and the background color. Being high does make colors way brighter, so this hurts my eyes :eek:

    im sure im not the only one that would prefer a darker colored would be real easy and relaxing on the eyes
  2. maybe u can make a new setting on your computer to dim and darken all the colors, idk about changing the site, but thats somen that could help

    haha, computer, please set up, "stoned' my eeyes hurt lol.

    i can see it now

  3. well, they could make a seperate skin that we can choose...
  4. vbulliten does have software that the site can be darker and choose different themes

    but i like the idea that everyone views the same theme kind of background(atleast on this site)

    I am so used to the colors that i just would not want it any other way :smoke:

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