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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Just619, Mar 20, 2012.

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    No idea whats up with the new changes. If it aint broke dont fix it. My SG thread was moved. Keep an eye out for it in the manufacturers thread. Now instead of going to just one thread. We have to go to multiole ones. Fail
  2. couldnt have said it better
  3. Yeah, it's pretty weird, but if it happened sooner people would have had problems with it then and then be fine with it now. In a month the new sections will have a decent amount of posts and we'll get used to it. It's more organized, that's it. Seems productive to me.
  4. threads will be moved, and the old toking tools will be closed.

    work in progress people, chillax.... :D


  5. change is progress, have some faith and patience, all will be good.

  6. id rather it go back to the way it was, may i suggest you change the sub category concentrate tools to just concentrates, that way ppl can put up there concentrate pickups and such
  7. Trying to offer some helpful tips. because SJ replied..

    If GC is switching to a higher bandwidth server, the subcategories would work a lot better.

    Because of how the GC threads already load slow for the majority of the users, making so many subcategories really doesn't feel like it organizes the forum better.

    also the categories seem odd.. tubes+bongs+waterpipes+hookah in one?
    but bubblers gets its own topic?

    why not put all glass in one category?

    everything just seems very unorganized...

    my 2cents..
  8. I'm listening...

  9. I actually like that each piece gets it's own sub form.
  10. I agree that hookahs should not be there and a bong tube is a waterpipes, so let's see how I'm going to solve that
  11. have a glass section
    with your subs as
    dry pieces, wet pieces, concentrate,

  12. I think separation of categories can be a good thing. Just try to make them a bit more general.. and fewer categories.

    Also, fewer categories would make browsing via smartphone app easier as well
    My biggest gripe is the subcategory..Brands and Production Companies & Individual Glass artists & Collabs, because they usually coincide with one another

    maybe something like:

    General Toking Tools/Questions

    Concentrates Tools



  13. This is my opinion

  14. That's honestly badass someone is out there reading this....Don't like it but like he said work in progress good shit:gc_rocks::smoke:
  15. Progress is good. I'm always down for change. Bring it, SJ! :smoke:
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    Check it:

    Toking Tools Questions: All Questions for all tools, regardless of what it may be. That way if someone wants to help, they know what section to go to for everyone. Put this at the top so it's known to all question askers (ex-forum admin tip there).

    Glass Water Pipes: All discussions/fan-pages/gallery-threads for anything that's glass, has water, and a substance can be smoked through it. i.e. glass bongs and glass bubblers. Glass and water, not homemade.

    Rolling, Dry Pipes, and Vaporizers: All discussions/fan-pages/gallery-threads for anything that you use to roll up weed or tobacco to smoke with. This is also for Dry Pipes of all kinds, although not homemade, and Vaporizers. Simple system here.

    Homemade & General Toking Tools: All discussions/fan-pages/gallery-threads for anything that you created to smoke weed with or if you have a toking tool that doesn't fit into the other categories.
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    i think this^
    but like this V

    General Toking Tools Questions

    ....Dry Tools
    ....Wet Tools
    ....Concentrate Tools
    ....Not really into concentrates
    ....So i dont know what would work

    ..Vaporizer Tools

    Brands & Production Company

    Individual Glass Artists

    ...idk, maybe a bit to much? just my 2cents. i'm a pretty organized person and think something similar to that would look and prob function nice :smoke:
  18. don't see the need of extra sub forum here for wet/wet tools and dry/dry tools , in become to much into sub diviosn, I like the idea though
  19. What about this:

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