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Forum smoking game, "BASEBALL"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Resin Lung, May 13, 2011.

  1. Alright, you may know the rules surrounding the smoking game "baseball", well lets give it a go on the forums.

    How we'll do it is, post the strain of bud you are currently smoking, giving it a rating. Once you post, start to inhale soon after, take a gigantic snap. As soon as another person posts after you, you can exhale. Now, I understand it may get inactive, which would make this impossible. So, i'll continuely post if it gets that way, but, I encourage others post reoccuringly, so others get a chance to go. We'll keep this going in real-time, play by the rules!
  2. Strain: Golden Skush
    Rating: 8.9
    Taking the snap now
  3. you are allowed to exhale.. seriously that's suicide if nobody posts
  4. I think he died.
  5. Fuck it I'm game, if it be death that I face then so be it.

    OG Kush
    Loading... ready for liftoff...snapping.
  6. Ak-47 7.5

    EDIT: call 911! hhaa :smoking:
  7. Exhale brother, the green has taken its toll on you.
  8. yeah..... this seems like a bad forum game imo. more suitable for irc?
  9. Yeaaa this game is sure to fail.
  10. Unlike you all, i'm an olympic swimmer, I can hold my breathe for an astounding 10 minutes. Now, continue, I must show my superiority. SMOKE!
  11. Besides the epic fail........

    Local kush, 8/10.
    Dragging now.
  12. Release, I'm puffing now. BTW this is just to see how long it could actually last, witin a reasonable time frame.
  13. Haha I can hold my breath for 3 minutes also realease i just inhaled broski
  14. ^phew thanks. I was here refreshing the page like crazy with smoke still in my lungs. LOL
  15. If you look at the post times between posts this game is actually possible.. you'll just have to hold in for like 1-3 minute which is retarded. Enjoy your luck problems...

  16. i was watching some show on nat geo about some southeast asian village where the houses are all stilted right in the middle of the ocean. the men there all go deep sea fishing with spearguns and one of the guys drops down to the ocean floor and hunts the fish for up to 40 minutes at a time with nothing but the breath he takes before diving.

    imagine him playing this lol
  17. He'd be a worthy advisary.. Indeed... Hmm, Asians.. What do they possess that causes this.. Have we checked the Asian population for gills?

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