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Discussion in 'New Forum Upgrade Bug Tracker' started by imageek, Mar 17, 2016.

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  1. I've just write a super long post and my Apple mouse decided it wanted to go back a page. I lost about 10 minutes of typing. I hit forward hoping it would still be there but it was lost :(

    Is it possible to implement a draft/autosave feature?
  2. It has one already. I'm not sure why yours did not work.

    @Lizard King
  3. Yes there is already a built in auto save feature. The posts are saved automatically when you are typing. On bottom right side of the editor it displays a small warning when the draft is saved. For example once i type this message i'll browse out this thread and when i get back in , i'll have chance to continue where i was left
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  4. I'm not sure why it didn't work for me. I'm on Firefox on Mac OSX.

    Even as I'm typing now I don't see any autosave feature popping up. I'll screenshot and attatch. I've left the editor open for a good 2 minutes before taking the screenshot.

    I also creared a test thread to see if it autosaved. I didn't submit but I left it a while before screenshotting.

    Maybe I'm missing the obvious, or it's an issue across different browsers?

    New Thread:

    Dropbox - post1.png
    Dropbox - post2.png

    Response to Thread

    Dropbox - post3.png
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    I've opened network explorer in Firefox and I am seeing periodic POST requests being made to:

    Although I see non of my text in the POST request so not sure if that's the autosave feature. I'm not seeing any others. Unless the autosave is done via Websockets.
  6. I've recorded a video of the same behaviour too. The video shows that when hitting back, and then forward, the post is gone. But, as you can also see in the video if I press back and then hit "Post New Thread" it works. I expect this is intended behaviour, just a bit odd how it's not reloading when pressing forward. Could that be a caching issue?

    Dropbox -
  7. @Lizard King will check it out and explain things, if need be. :)
  8. @RMJL @Lizard King I've just tried to post a new thread in the origional forum where it happened and now my content is there.

    Appologies for wasting your time. Still a bit odd with the back/forward thing, but I have most of my text back :)
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  9. Good to know. Thanks for the heads up. No time is wasted when we are trying to help users so no apologies needed at all. Some things around here are odd to me too but that comes with change, I think. :)
  10. Glad to hear all is working :)
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