Discussion in 'General' started by bosstone, May 23, 2010.

  1. Tomorrow, I'm going to build a fort in my backyard and smoke it up!
    I'm in the process of checking what the weather is going to look like...

    77 Degrees! (F)

    This is totally happening.

    Anyone ever done this?

    Story Time!
  2. i built forts when i was 7

    but you have fun; take pictures for us
  3. There's a thread around here somewhere with pictures of some folk who smoked up in an igloo they made in their back yard when there was all the crazy snow.

    Sounds fun though, so best of luck, and get some pictures of it :D
  4. last semester me and a few friends made a sick fort in one of our rooms for 420

    it ended up fallin apart after a week or two but it was sick to hotbox
  5. I will be sure to take some pix. I know it seems like an immature venture, but fuck maturity.

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