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Fort lauderdale pickup; Grapefruit with some purp

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kfkflorida, May 26, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    My guy also threw in a purple bud :smoking:

    Some blunts
  2. Nice ass pickup. Beautiful L too!
  3. Thanks man, Also thats a little over 2 grams in the first pic.
  4. looks good man. havent seen this come around my area yet.
  5. wow i love me some grapefruit, its one of the best weed ive smoked :hello::smoking:

  6. How much did you put in your bleez?
  7. What part of FL do you live in?
    true that son

    Those are 2 separate blunts, like 1.5 grams in the first and i eye balled the second one.
  8. we hold it down in broward...where in ft laudy u from
  9. west palm 30/40 mins from ftl
  10. dank nugs fo sho...

    have fun with that bean..
  11. shit im gonna be in Ft lauderdale next week, stayin on the beach, hope to run into some of that, but im bringing some of my own just in case:D
  12. Don't take me as a dick for saying this but a blunt and an L are not the same thing. An L is a joint made of two papers, one normal 1 and 1/4 and another one attached in an L shape to add the width to the length of the paper. Probably made no sense, but a blunt isn't an L. Its an extra long joint, the reason its an L is because of the shape of the papers pre-rolling it.

    Nice bud man, looks like it gets you stoned. :D
  13. oakland park

    This shit is from pompano

    lots of nug on the beach :smoking:
  14. 954 till i die

    good bud playa

    i consider an L a blunt also.... maybe its our area.... thats just how we roll
  15. hollaaaaa, Juat got a half o of the stickiest shit ever. No pics for now :eek:
  16. what u kno bout dem 319 gangstas
  17. Nothing, Nothing at all.
  18. idk what part of oakland park u from then...
  19. down by the beach son

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