Formula 420

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  1. it's pretty tight. anyone else use this product?
  2. I find it really funny that it's called formula 420 and people use it to detox.
    And nice sig, Mac miller is dope. Gonna see him in concert
  3. umm overpriced isopropyl alcohol and salt?
    and maybe some color
  4. I bought two bottles about a week ago, and i must say this stuff works like magic. I know that everyone says its over priced and blah blah itss just salt and alcohol, but i think it wayyyyyy worth it for a mere 8 bucks. U pour it in your piece (i have a bong with a halo perc) and this cleans it within a minute. I love this stuff. i kinda with it didnt leave a smell but i guess ill have to rinse it out more.
  5. possible troll thread?
    why spend 8 for a white bottle when u can spend 250 for a half gallon sized box of epsom salt. and 250 on a bottle of isopropyl alcohol.
    even so, simple green is reusable.
    let it soak, then rinse, no shaking. no possible broken percs
    non toxic
  6. Overpriced garbage. You're ignorant if you buy this shit.
  7. Overpriced, though very effective.

    I've had a bottle or two in my day.
  8. Never bought a bottle, never will. My friend has some and i tried it on my bong once, definitely didn't work as well as 91%Iso + Epsom Salt. And it's more sticky on surfaces than my iso mixture, just a hassle overall.

  9. how's it make me ignorant? please explain
  10. Because iso works better for less money. You're a sheep.
  11. that doesn't make me ignorant. people buy cars that are way expensive than others yet they all do the same thing. that doesn't make people ignorant. same thing with formula 420. i choose to buy it for convenience, and its not like its 20 dollars, its 8 bucks
  12. I can imagine some of the products that are in your home... you're no different just because you know what's in Formula 420. BAHHHHHHHH
  13. If I buy a BMW I'm expecting a top of the line car, and if I buy a Kia I expect a decent car. This is like buying Smart Water, Fiji Water, any thing like that. You're paying for the name brand/advertisement but its pretty much the same thing as what comes out of your tap.

    I'd rather pay $5 and get the same thing than $8. Unless I was rich then I wouldn't care:rolleyes:
  14. terrible analogy about bottled water and tap water.
    yor payin $3 for food coloring
    and its not even that. you are getting a fraction of the whole
  15. how well does iso and salt work on, say, a 10 tree perc? cause i imagine itd be hard to clean the trees with iso and salt.
  16. IT"S EXACTLY THE SAME AS F420! You pour in the iso and let it sit in the perc for a few minutes and swirl it around, bam done. The only people i know that use that stuff are the same kids who continue to buy dub sacks every couple days instead of buying oz. every week or two, it's just not a smart investment.
  17. yeah i havent used the stuff but i was considering getting it (or something similar) for my future purchase but now that i know iso and sat works well in perks I'll just steer clear.
  18. Lol, guys. Cleaning with salt and alcohol is a lot of shaking and pouring in. This stuff is cheap, and you literally pour in and wait. I don't mean to sound lazy but it's really helpful.

    Also, this wasn't meant to be a hateful thread, just one for opinions. Not one to call people ignorant in. :(
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    the stuff is liquid with crystals mixed in it, which is exactly what iso and salt is

    either way, you gotta get them into the perc

    iso and salt is way more powerful and isnt sticky as hell like formula 420
    i use 99 percent and it destroys every contaminate inside every piece ive ever cleaned
  20. lol thts not what its for at all.

    i think id rather just use iso

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