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Formula 420 - Opinions?

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by The Captain K, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. I think it depends on what your cleaning, I can say from experience 420 cleaner works better than salt and alc. Especially if your trying to clean percs or something. Not necessary b/c salt and alc will probably work but for 12 dollars I think 420 is worth it.

    Some people also have told me break cleaner works just as good as 420 cleaner but I think I would stick to 420 cleaner

  2. I still take it - its always done what I expect it to do. I don't feel I'm wasting money, in fact, I'm getting what I pay for
    I don't want to spend all day cleaining a piece when I don't have to lol

  3. ill take a picture of my glass next time i clean it just for you...
    it looks brand new every time.
    but keep spending $15 a bottle. :rolleyes:

  4. Well yea, that was my point, you pay 7 times the amount for 12 oz of 420, when 15 bucks would get you a gallon of ISO. Form 420 isnt 7 times more efficient at cleaning off oily residue, so you technically pay them, for something that probably costs about 1 dollar a bottle to produce, including the cost of the bottle, you defs arent getting what you pay for, but, like i said, it works, so whatever hahahaha, its not a scam or anything. like shamwow..... 15 bucks for a towel that works about as well as a sponge HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
  5. Like I've said, I'll take something that can clean in a few seconds rather than waiting all day for Iso + salt to eat thru thick resin.
    So iso + salt works for your glass. Get over it

  6. Dude I don't need a gallon of Iso, Form 420 does what I want it to and what I need from it, I don't really need your advice. I know how good Iso works and I don't like spending the day cleaning glass.
    You guys never give up...leave it alone
  7. But grunge off is still better. REUSABLE

  8. And you leave shamwow alone! :p

  9. takes a couple ounces of ISO, salt is 50 cents a box... doesnt take but a 20th of the supply from that each time..
    and it takes about 5-10 minutes max to clean. pour it all in, shake it up, rinse it out thoroughly. brand new glass..

    you must not be cleaning your glass often at all if you have resin thick enough to the point where this doesn't work for you...:confused:
  10. Yes and I don't need to since I have a cleaner that works better
  11. another vote for grunge off reasons:
    made my mini waffle with 8 trees crystal clean, after the trees were caked soo bad i couldnt see through the glass at my trees
    soak for 20-30 hours takes everything off, except carbon ash stains, nothing for ash to disolve into, u gotta jus wipe it off.
    1-1.5 hours to clean my phx honeycomb diffuser slide

    worth every penny, you spend 20 on a dub, wtf is a $12 for a cleaner for ur $150+ piece....

  12. a 20-30 hour soak of iso would have removed those carbon stains, and so would grunge off lol, thats ridiculous if it didnt work at that amount of time
  13. yeah it takes less time.. but not that much less.

    ISO and salt doesn't need 30 minutes.. usually a good shake and rinse w/ hot water and it's all good.
  14. Formula 420 is definitely a lot better than iso and salt. I've used both, the 420 works much faster and cleans better. The people who say that Formula 420 is iso+salt are just lying.

  15. no it wudnt have, ive tried every homemade cleaner starting with boiled iso+salt, im just providing the FACTS of my experience, not what it shud have or cud have. and for those carbon stains, 70% of it came off wen i ran it under water, and the rest came off with a qtip. So, non visible trees at all on my non-worked piece, 20-30 hr soak (didnt touch it at all) left it sparkling clean, and my issue was with the bowl which still came out crystal clean; assist cuetip.

    Edit: ive also tried something called Bling? pretty sure its just alcohol with some salt, grunge off FTW, wont be disappointed.

  16. It took grunge off about 3 hours to completely clean my ehle diffuser. And this diffuser was caked in resin, it was literally like part of the glass at this point. Hadn't cleaned it in probably 3-4 months. If you wash your piece everyday, takes 5-10 min of soaking and its completely brand new again, and it completely deodorizes the glass. You can dry pull it and it'll taste like the day you got it. I use to use to iso+salt, but it never got anything off completely unless i let it soak for at least a few hours, there was always a few specs of resin it would leave behind, and this was just a minimal amount of resin on my piece. Didn't completely deodorize either, but this was 91% iso, cant find the 99% by me. But you'll end up paying the same amount to keep buying iso, and buying a 15$ grunge off once every month to two months. The fact that is reusable, and still has the same effect after many uses is the reason why it cannot be beat.

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