Formula 1 at Circuit of the Americas Austin, TX

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  1. hello fellow blades, wondering if anyone on here is going to the formula 1 race in austin TX on halloween weekend. If anyone is leave a comment. Looking to dab with some fellow blades and see wat austin has to offer.  :bongin:

  2. that would be awesome to go, but i live way too far away.  Either way, you should take a bunch of pics and vids, and post them up
  3. ive wanted to got to COTA for a couple years now. well, since they built the track... i wouldnt be able to get the time off from my work. but do take many pictures of the race. Austin has lots to offer. the music scene is really big there, but i dont really get down on ACL bands. i'll probably try to catch the race on TV or the web.
  4. Yes im bringing my nikon camera and nice fat lens as well. Also shoot sum GoPro footage.
  5. do you know if you'll have a pass for or be allowed to walk the pits? man to walk through te pits at a formula event... thats what dreams are made of, slow walks through the pits at a world class racing event. beyond Nascar.
  6. Wish I could be there

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  7. You know how much money they spent on that F1 track? Using funding from the tax payers that could have been used for more important projects!
  8. boo. he watches NASCAR. COTA cost a fuck load of money. it will most certainly pay for itself in a few race seasons. F1 generates alot of revenue. 
  9. I should have done this instead of INDY two months ago.
  10. do both! 
    Would if I could, in between seasonal jobs right now so funds are tight
  12. I live in ATX but just don't care enough to go
  13. Doubt it, but is anyone going to tomorrow. Even though it has been down pouring the whole weekend
  14. Sir Elton John is also set to perform. i would go just to see him.
  15. Looking forward to watching this race. Hope you're having a good time at the race OP. Sounds like the did have a pit walk yesterday afternoon, did you make it?
  16. I guess the Gas Monkeys were supposed to be there too......
    I got rid of cable, so I cant watch the races anymore :(


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