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  1. I have topped a few of my plants and im happy with the outcome. im curious though, can you "top" or do the same type of trimming on the other flower producing branches? if so, do all the same rules apply and same effect?
  2. Basically yeah, cutting off a growth tip will encourage the plant to divert growth hormone to the two smaller nodes which is then in turn grow up as main colas. Be aware though the more times you top the more divided your yield will become and you'll end up with smaller buds
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  3. Definitely, twice more outcome. My laughing buddha and green crack are loving it

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  4. ok, never heard that. can you explain further about the divided yiels and smaller buds. like why, how etc. if you can or do you have links. does thst happen when just topping the main? i read 5th node start every other after to allow for healing. is that right? does yield go up with this process?
  5. Topping is considered a higher stress. Low stress is tying down/etc.
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  6. Mine loved it. Topped it=2, again=4, then topped every branches new growth=....Tied everything thing down flat. Day 10 of flower put the screen on it, this is day 22 IMG_1327.JPG
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  7. lol, im learning:)
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  8. Basically if you're expecting 5oz from a plant because your setup gives you 5oz then topping it won't just give you 10oz out of nowhere. It'll increase it because the light is being distributed more evenly but in essence you're just making a wider bushier plant with more branches to distribute its bud weight across.
  9. so, yield will go up, but will be distributed to more branches, therefore giving you smaller buds but more weight? and if i understand, theres a cutoff at some point where more topping will not continue to increase yield but just keep distributing to more branching? is this right?
  10. how many branches should i cut at a time so as to not cause to much stress, and how long shall i wait to cut again (other branches)?
  11. More or less, yeah. People tend to say around 8 colas or at least 8 main colas but I think it just depends on how many times you personally need to top to fill your space
  12. Here mine are filling out their space nicely with 8 colas on the left and a mess on the right, you can see how they both fill space but more or less energy is dedicated to the various nodes if that makes sense. My mainlined one on the left is evenly distributing energy to the 8 main colas and the one on the right has various colas receiving various different amounts of energy. If I wanted wider plants I could have easily let them grow out horizontally for longer than I did but I got impatient and wanted some bud lmao

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  13. really, this auto skunk has 12 never did anything to it, and its 9 inches tall. is that good then?

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  14. Autos are slightly different as they do their own thing. If you didn't top that plant though, (which you shouldn't have as it's an auto anyway) then it has one main growth node in the middle and the ones branching off are side shoots or auxiliary nodes
  15. ok, so when you say main colas, how on a photo do you get more mains? and what is mainlined?
  16. in order to scrog, do i need to top, or will allthose branches that produse flowers produce what i see on your screen? what would be the outcome of scrog with no topping
  17. Cannabis will always tend to focus on a main cola as it is a fairly apically dominant plant. Any nodes exposed to light will produce bud but if the plant hasn't been topped it will still focus more on that main cola than any other side shoots to my understanding.
    Cannabis Training Techniques - LST, Topping & More | Grow Weed Easy

    This is a really good page that helped me understand a lot of training methods
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  18. hay, i just transplanted from a 1 gal. to a 3 gal. thought my soil was wet enough long enough, but was wrong and the root mass crumbled in my hands. i was careful (after that,lol)and placed it gently in bucket, surrounded it with fresh soil, then watered with plain water. the soil retained so much that now its sitting in mud. there are 18 1cm holes in the bottom, but no draining. i imagine it will drain eventualy, but is the plant gonna live through that? shes a month old, very healthy. is there something i can do to help her?
  19. I take it your mix has no or very little perlite?
  20. actualy ive been useing pure coc in most but left some in the smaller pots in soil. when i mixed the new soil, i put prob 1/3 perlite...

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