Former Yahooka members !

Discussion in 'General' started by roach, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. They Have Been Hacked Again ,approx 2:50 PM Eastern Time.

  2. I knew it was coming. I have a feeling Dissident, aka Negative Zero, with some of his friends maybe the culprets.

    They have let things go to long and now they have some computer wiz's working on taking over!

    May need to take a long look at the possabilities of complete banning of these people and not opening the registration for a long time!

    There are two mods who can't get together on what to do!
    An Administrator who has girl problems and one who just doesn't care.
  3. Let's let Superjoint know so we're sure all the current patches are in place sure to DISABLE VBscripts for awhile.

    kees@strawberries is a true wizzard ,and I'm pretty sure he's up to date.


  4. Good Idea!
  5. Damn..... Makes me worry about us.

    I hope we don't get somebody hacking at our site. :(
  6. ROACH!!!! Hey Brother!!!

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