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Discussion in 'General' started by aka Alf, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. counted
  2. Roll it up
  3. Is RIU having a mass exodus or something?
  4. Their site get shutdown or something?
  5. no just tired of the all the drama over there
    i like it here, i just can't figure out how to navigate the site yet
  6. Ah, got ya. The site should be pretty easy to navigate after about a day. Welcome man!
  7. Yeah, these dudes over in GC are alot more chill.. The ONLY downside of GS is there's no talk of psychadelics.. And if there's two things I love, it's cannabis and psychadelics.
  8. And the little dude that pops up when you like a post is just so badass.
  9. thanks for the welcome, happy to be here
    just waiting to see how many end up joining me
  10. Even though you aren't advertising them, I'm sure this thread isn't allowed some how.
  11. I think FAB split lol
  12. I see no problem here..

  13. why is that?

    PS: welcome RIU people.. :wave:
  14. Alf was the shit man! The show anyway, welcome to GC!
  15. hey bro's.......yeah RIU crashed.....AGAIN!! Got hacked by a douche bag......anyways I just wanted to be part of this thread before somebody closes it.....well that's what would happen in RIU with the Nazi mods lol. whats up hep.....whats up alf.....

  16. why?? we are just stating that is where we came from....isn't that GOOD for this site that they are receiving members from others??
  17. lol.. RIU nazi mods :hello:.

    I checked back on there and read a few posts a couple of mins ago and it looks like the mod still has her panties up in a bunch lol..

    Looks like a war zone.. I might have to get in that JKJK
  18. [quote name='"aka Alf"']no just tired of the all the drama over there

    Ha...give it a solid month or a week in Pandoras will sing a diff tune...and as you can see one of our eclectic characters Demiurge came in to shit on your thread..

    Anyways many welcomes there are many great and useful tips. Advice, and ears to listen to and learn from the blades here...even if a good number are dull..

    Welcome welcome welcome arms open hands clutched around a bong and a bic, I smoke up for the new shits as freshly cut grass(blades) are best to enjoy a blaze on
  19. thanks guys, appreciate the welcome
    happy birthday mr garcia

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