Former DEA heads and UN urge WA and CO to repeal legalization.

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  1. 8 Former DEA heads are urging President Obama to nullify Amendment 64 in Colorado and Washington legalization. The UN is claiming the new laws violate International treaties. I knew this was going to happen, what do you think is the best course of action if Obama caves in? Part of me hopes he wont because that would compromise his liberal base, but the other half of me believes he is just a puppet and will do whatever the elites say. I know there are alot of liberals on this site, I hope now you see firsthand the UN is evil and the DEA is committing treason for siding with them even though the people spoke and chose to legalize. I dont want this to be a rant, please share your thoughts....

    [ame=]8 Former Heads Of DEA Want Obama To Crackdown On Recreational Marijuana Use! Time Is Running Out! - YouTube[/ame]
    Former DEA Heads: Nullify Colorado, Washington Marijuana Laws
  2. and almost 10 other states are wanting to legalize.
  3. Do you remember what the court thought of the DEA back in the Fall? THey laughed at them. They are former DEA which makes it even more laughable if the president are to consider them. Former means past and past is not present therefore winning!
  4. LOL fuck them and UN...what does UN say about Amsterdam?
  5. ^^^
    Good point lol, but the fact of the matter is the UN doesn't care about Amserdam, they are however afraid of the leading nation of the west legalizing weed because other nations would soon follow our lead. I agree the UN can suck my dick.
  6. Didn't the UN recommend the states to try out nation-wide legalization of something similar just a few years ago?
  7. ^^^
    Im not going to say it didnt happen but that sounds like bullshit.

  8. The UN really wants to try to control whatever the United States does. Fuck them.
  9. How do two states legalizing cannabis violates international treaties? Isn't it the same as Amsterdam having legal ganja?
  10. Ive got my arms do you?.you'll need as many as you can afford.remeber not everyone is going to have a weapon when this evil goes down.NO GUN CONTROL.
  11. I think Obama is just staying quiet and really doesn't want to be involved...has he really set a no-yes stance on this issue?

    Add to the fact you already have a huge part of the country who think their way of life is being threatened by Obama's policies lol...nothin will come ofthis...
  12. If hes smart he will stfu and ignore them but lets not forget Obama works for the UN he is a chair on the Security Council and the first president to do so. He has ambitions of being head of the UN in 2016.
  13. Guns are bad mmkay? They kill people, thats why the Police and Government should be the only people with guns and ammo, so they can protect us from all the domestic terrorists like Libertarians and Constitutionalists. Drones are good too *end sarcasm.
  14. Funny you should say that...

    [ame=]Ron Paul exposes United Nations Plan to Destroy U.S. And Take Over of The World - YouTube[/ame]
  15. The UN has no power to enforce anything, and is just doing what they are supposed to do, which is encourage nations to follow what they all agreed to. Let's not forget who convinced the rest of the world to demonize cannabis. What you reap is what you sow.
  16. I hope your right, im moving to Colorado springs in a month.

  17. Two states legalizing cannabis does not violate international treaties.

    If the U.S. removed cannabis from the CSA it might violate the UN treaties.

    Cannabis is not legal in Amsterdam.
  18. Cannabis is not only tolerated in amsterdam, but the entire countrey of the netherlands, is it not? Lets not forget our geography, people. Washington DC is not the entire united states just as london is not the entire country of england.
  19. The UN doesn't mean shit, people. The USA would not be the first UN member country to legalize cannabis.

    In Switzerland, you can grow 4 plants for personal consumption.
    In Portugal, there are no penalties for possession of drugs of ANY kind.
    In Holland, coffee shops are semi-legal (front door is legal, back door is not).
    And I'm not even going to try and name all of the countries where medicinal use is allowed, there are lots.

    UN resolutions don't mean anything, nations are free to leave them at any time basically without repercussions. I think the Kyoto pact proved that.
  20. ^^^
    Like I said...time will tell. Do you know anything about Colorado Springs? Ive never been there.

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