Former CIA officals admit faking Bin Laden video

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  1. The CIA has been involved in over 30 known coups. Scapegoat one man (whether he really did it or not) to set up pro-American governments in the middle east.
  2. The CIA: Biggest and most effective terrorist organisation on the planet.

    Seriously though. With all the coups they sponsored and dictators they install they're in-directly responsible for thousands if not millions of deaths.

    This doesn't surprise me.
  3. Doesn't surprise me at all, but can you imagine all the sick shit they had planned that we'll never know about?
  4. The CIA is a criminal organization.
  5. Dont you mean "have" planned? as far as i know they still exist.

    and yea it really doesnt surprise me either.
    first they stage the war on drugs then the war on terror.
  6. cia scares the shit out of me.
  7. thats because you have been running from us for a long time...but we're on to you

    LOL JK
  8. lol, dont be silly.

    id be dead or tortured by now if that were the case.
  9. very true just like Joe Stacks flying his plane into the IRS building.
  10. are you saying he was murdered?
  11. Indeed I believe he was. He had a software company that made security programs for the NSA.
    His own daughter stated the "suicide note" didnt sound like something her father would have written.
  12. FUCK the CIA,FBI,ETC....:devious:

  13. i know absolutley nothing about that story... i need to look into it further bc its fucking crazy.

    i dont doubt that he was murdered. of course its kinda hard to explain bc... wasnt he the only person up there? i dunno, i wasnt fucking there. for all i know they loaded his body up into the motherfucker and radio controlled it into the builiding.
  14. Criminals In Action
  15. Allow me to clarify:

    The sick shit they had planned but never carried out due to a lack of funds and expertise.

    Though I certainly don't doubt that they do in fact have lots more sick shit planned for the future. Ron Paul said it right, "The CIA runs everything, they run the military".
  16. OP, I only skimmed through the washington post article, but all I got was them faking a Saddam tape raping a teenage boy, and thinking about putting Osama around a camp fire, swiggin' shine(or whatever alcohol they have out in Afghanistan).
  17. And the government apologists are nowhere to be found...

    There are so many loose ends and unanswered questions surrounding 9/11.
  18. yea...Loose Change is a good documentary about the unanswered questions...i think they missed the fact the government denies finding black boxes...which would be the first time EVER if they didnt find them.
  19. You must have terrible comprehension because thats not what it said at all.

    They made the Bin Laden one, and only considered making the saddam rape tape.

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