format a pc hardrive and reinstall windows

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  1. i happen to have a hardrive thats /blocked/locked/restricting internet use.

    the previous user was a company
    anyway to cleannit out and un-restrict that?

    sorry if this doesnt make anysense:

  2. Reinstall windows. Or maybe make a new partition and see if that works? If you reisntall windows it will format the drive and remove all restrictions. I am guessing that they set up some sort of policy that denies user access to the web/browsers.
  3. Reformating would solve that problem but there is a way you can go in and unrestrict those without deleting information.
  4. i see,
    just found out this pc has no service pack whatsoever.

    in order to use tune up utilities i will need sp2/3 for xp.

    tuneuputilities gives me the option to clear the harddrive.

    im lost im no wiz.
  5. ___________________________________________________________________

    Its a pain in the ass to explain over text.


    1. Insert Windows loaded CD. Restart your computer and it should boot from that CD FIRST meaning it goes straight to install and not to your desktop. Another way FROM desktop is Start --> My Computer --> Double click the CD that has windows on it.

    2. Follow the install until you get to the point that says something along the lines of
    " Where would you like to install this _______ ( space, partition, windows, operating system etc. Multiple names depending on the windows version ).

    3. You need to DELETE your old partition ( the company's files and info ). There will be a user friendly select screen that gives you the option to delete or add a partition. AFTER you deleted what you currently had, you're now ready to start the real install.

    4. Install Windows and follow the prompts.

    5. AFTER the install is complete ( You should be at your desktop with Windows bitching at you to fix the resolution, time and other shit ) depending on how and where you got Windows or your operating system of choice, you will need to download " drivers. " Basically things that help your components communicate and respond better to programs and function well. You can find these on your computer's company's website. If its a custom built computer, you need to go to each individual company of the parts inside to get those. They do come with CDs but technology advances so fast that they're basically outdated when you get them.

    More advice/help: ---> Windows Install, Hard Drive Reformat, etc.

    I hope this helps.
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    If tuneuputilities is claiming they can format the hard drive dont do that...Because once it formats the hard would have deleted itself. You are using XP, and do you want to keep windows XP? If you want to keep XP its too simple to re-install

    When you turn on the computer you are given the opportunity to press a key to set the system back to factory default settings, and anybody who says this is impossible is wrong, because for 8 years I done this multiple times since 2001.

    Turn off the computer than turn it on. immediately after you turn it on keep pushing F8 and the screen should say LOADING SYSTEM FILES or something along those lines.

    It may not be F8, it may be F9, F10, F11 or F12 I honestly can never remember. Its definitly F8 or above tho.

    If you need further help I'll help you out privately and set you up with everything you need, Can this system support Windows 7? If so, I recommend it because, its fairly easy to install and use, and it has a ton more convenient tools than XP

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