forhot how long i been flowering but i dont care!

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  1. think im about 6 weeks into 12/12 but not sure lost all track i just waiting for these bad boys to change to brown...
    what ya think??



  2. ahh very nice. that one on top as fat as hell. don't go by the hairs, get a manifying glass from radioshack or somewhere similar and check out the thc trichomes. when they are all clear, it's too soon. when they are all a milky cloudy color it's an energetic up-high... all brown/redish it's couchlock. I'd wait til 75% cloudy/25% brown or maybe a little bit more brown than that... those buds look very nice. make sure to get a magnifying glass so you harvest at the best time. :D
  3. m8 what are the "trichomes' i will buy a glass right now off ebay...
  4. trichomes are the cristally circles around your will probably find some on the leaves coming off the buds too...

    great grow....+rep look mighty fine to me, wish i could smoke it now! mmmmm god i love weed....peace out:D
  5. cheers man,, just bought my MAG GLASS off ebay..shit man wen can i test it?? would a little nug now be worth it or am i shooting the gun a little?
  6. those are beutiful. what strain are they?
  7. Skunk special 25 pound for 10 seeds 99 % female....only germinated 3 and all 3 sprouted..
  8. that top plant is SICKSICK
    how long have u been flowering and how long u veg for
    how much were the seeds
    whered u get them?
    and why are ur other plants not as far along¿
    what kind of lights and shit are u using

  9. veg 7 weeks ish (forgot)
    12/12 about 6 weeks (forgot)
    10 packet of female seed 25.pound from my local hydro shop
    400 watt hps light.
    The other plants are has far along sept some of the buds below are not due to not getting so much light'i have trimed has much has i could but this slows down growth abit'i plan on harvesting over a corse of a week ish chop the big fat ones and let the others grow a bit more etc till i have no more buds left
  10. when you look at them under the magnifying glass they will look like little mushroom-shaped things. there was a picture of them here on the forum somewhere, but I can't find it right now.

    EDIT: I couldn't find the picture on the forum, but I found something just as good! Look at the next post below. There ya go. :)

  11. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    trichomes on cannabis leaf

    Trichomes and cannabis

    Trichomes evolved on cannabis to prevent herbivory/parasitism by small insects. In the wild, insects landing on a cannabis leaf become adhered to the trichomes causing death or lost time (see sundew) and in addition will absorb the cannabanoids and, so intoxicated, experience increased rates of predation and loss of will to escape. However, the intercession of man in the natural selection process has rapidly accelerated the favoring of genotypes that produce copious amounts of THC laden trichomes. In addition, THC has very high UV-B absorption properties, thus cannabis evolution may have favored the evolution of genotypes that produced these THC laden capitate-stalked trichomes as a built in 'sun-screen' for protection against UV-B light rays. The dried trichomes of cannabis used for smoking purposes is called kief.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Capitate-Stalked trichomes of the cannabis plant.

    • Bulbous: The bulbous type is the smallest (15 to 30 micrometre). From one to four cells make up the "foot" and "stalk," and one to four cells make up the "head" of the gland. Head cells secrete a resin - presumably cannabinoids, and related compounds which accumulate between the head cells and the cuticle. When the gland matures, a nipple-like protrusion may form on the membrane from the pressure of the accumulating resin. The bulbous glands are found scattered about the surfaces of the above-ground plant parts.
    • Capitate-Sessile: The second type of gland is much larger and is more numerous than the bulbous glands. They are called capitate, which means having a globular-shaped head. On immature plants, the heads lie flush, appearing not to have a stalk and are called capitate sessile. They actually have a stalk that is one cell high, although it may not be visible beneath the globular head. The head is composed of usually eight, but up to 16 cells, that form a convex rosette. These cells secrete cannabinoids, and related compounds which accumulate between the rosette and its outer membrane. This gives it a spherical shape. The gland measures from 25 to 100 micrometres across.
    • Capitate-Stalked: Cannabinoids are most abundant in the capitate-stalked gland which consists of a tier of secretory disc cells subtending a large non-cellular secretory cavity. During flowering the capitate glands that appear on the newly formed plant parts take on a third form. Some of the glands are raised to a height of 150 to 500 micrometres when their stalks elongate. These capitate-stalked glands appear during flowering and form their densest cover on the female flower bracts. They are also highly concentrated on the small leaves that accompany the flowers. The male flowers have stalked glands on the sepals, but they are smaller and less concentrated than on the female bracts. Male flowers form a row of very large capitate glands along the opposite sides of anthers.

    Active ingredients

    • THC: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol - THC mimics the action of anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced naturally in the body, which binds with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to produce the ‘high' associated with marijuana. THC possesses high UV-B (280-315 nm) absorption properties.
    • THCV: tetrahydrocannabivarin - prevalent in certain South African and Southeast Asian strains of cannabis. It is said to produce a ‘clearer high' and seems to possess many of the therapeutic properties of THC.
    • CBD: cannabidiol - previously believed to be psychoactive, or to contribute to the high by interacting with other cannabinoids, conversely the most recent research indicates that CBD has negligible effect on the high, it is however a strong anti-inflammatory, and may take the edge off some THC effects, such as anxiety. CBD as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid appears to be helpful for many medical conditions. CBD biosynthesizes into cannabinol (CBN) & tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
    • CBN: cannabinol - a degradation product of THC, produces a depressant effect, ‘fuzzy' forehead.
    • CBG: cannabigerol - non-psychoactive, hemp strains often possess elevated levels of CBG while possessing only trace amounts of THC.
  12. Near maturity the trichomes may be seen. These start out as clear and white and turn amber or darker as the tiny white pistils turn red or dark. When you see these changes beginning to occur, pay close attention to your plant, because harvest time is near. The buds may be harvested when the trichomes are white, or you may wait until they darken. Often some buds will be ready while the trichomes in others are still developing the right colors. If this should happen, if you can, then cut the ripened buds and leave the rest to develop for a week or two longer. This will ensure a maximum yield.


    p.s. I think maybe I should make a separate thread for this and it would be a good sticky. anyone else agree?
  13. ooh, awesome. I'm going to buy one of those. wish you could fit that in front of a digital camera's lense though. :/
  14. How many plants do you have there? Looks like a hell of a lot of bud from only 3 seeds. How many times did you "top" each plant?
  15. thx for that info man great stuff..

    these 3 plants wernt topped just planted and left' 1st grow so i was unsure and just wanted to see what they grow like..
  16. wow.....GREAT info on the trichomes....i do agree...that should be made a sticky called "when to harvest" i know for sure im going to do the 50/50 harvest....god i love body high and head feel sooooo relaxed....ahhh i wish i was smokin a bong of that stuff right now lol, anyways....good luck on the grow, great info, peace out:wave:
  17. Thx for the info m8...

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