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  1. So apparently I’ve forgotten my password. I’ve tried the forgot password a couple of times but I don’t get an email through.
    Lucky I’m still logged in on my phone. What to do? It’s not gonna log me out the phone now too is it :confusedalt:
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  2. @RMJL will be able to help you dude, have u checked the spam folder on your email?? Sometimes it can go there
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  3. Thanks but no it isn’t :/

    I can remember changing it a few weeks ago to something more secure lol :thumbsdown:
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  4. I was hoping the email was just taking it time but I still haven’t received any. I tried again this morning but nothing, the reset password doesn’t work.
    If my phone forgets the log in too ill be locked out.
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  5. If you get locked out make another account & message a mod asap, I've seen people do that before to get back accounts :laughing: I've just reported the thread so it'll show up & a mod can help you man
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  6. I just checked the logs and there are no bounced emails from your email address. I'll send you a PM.
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  7. This is RMJL. I just reset my password for my test account.

    The password reset email was titled like this "Grasscity Forums - The #1 Marijuana Community Online Password Reset Request " so it may be possible that your email provider is blocking the email based on the keyword marijuana.

    I sent a PM to you to see if I can help you though.
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  8. Thanks for all the help brass.

    thanks very much but it was my error. apparently google have recategorize my inbox and its now splitt prority/socia/promotions. it seems everything from seedsman and GC since march have gone to the promotions folder.

    thanks again.
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  9. Ah nooooooo, I told you not to drink the bong water WH! :biggrin::rolleyes::apache::vaping:
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