forgot to water seedling, will he turn green again?

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  1. Hey everybody, I have an AK47 seedling that i forgot to water before i left for the night, and she hadnt been watered for like a day before that, and i came back this morning and she was wilted, all the leaves pointing straight down. i instantly watered, she popped back up like the trooper he is, but now there are light brown and light yellow spots on the leaves, will my baby be able to repair itself? the leaves are kinda crispy also
  2. It's probably damage to your colytedons which will die off eventually anyway. As long as your new growth is green, you're ok.
  3. ya the new growth is definitely green, and the cotyledons were yellowing and shriveling before this anyways. Sweet deal man, very very fast response. puts my mind at ease
  4. You probably helped your plant more than you think. Letting your soil dry out means the roots have to grow further down to get water, aka explosive root growth.

    As long as the problem doesn't spread, you should only water when it needs it. For established roots, it's general practice to let the first inch or so dry out between waterings. You can check with your finger.

    However, it could also mean your plants want nitrogen. What soil are you using?
  5. im using FFOF, and the plant is incredibly happy overall, last night it was green and locked on to the light, the spots just showed up after i forgot to water, so i dont think its n deficient. and ya, im watering by the weight of the pots, its pretty easy to tell when they are dry, im usually watering around every 48 hours in 4 inch pots.

    Ya i gotcha on the roots needing dry soil, its amazing, my roommate waters his when the topsoil runs dry, even if theres moisture underneath, and when we transplanted all our 5 week old WW plants my root masses were so much bigger than his it was ridiculous. thats how the guy at the hydro store told him to do it, and no matter how much i show him stuff on GC, he says you just cant trust the internet, and he says if the guy works at a hydro store he obviously knows what hes talking about. its funny.
  6. Well, there are several blades on here who have been growing longer than I've been alive. I figure they know their stuff, so I listen to them :p
  7. haha exactly, i tried telling him that its not like this is just a website, its real people with real experience, and he was like, fuck that, i could make an account and go say whatever i want. i didnt even bother explaining that no one would listen to him with no rep or post count or anything. i showed him some successful grow journals with people watering with the finger method, not using the full recommended dose for nutes, stuff like that, and he just still implicitly trusts this ~21 year old emo kid that works at the hydro store. :confused:
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    Well obviously everything on the internet is fake...:rolleyes: It's not just that the people on GC know their stuff, it's the fact that there are so many blades that if someone gives bad advice, usually someone catches it and corrects them.

    I've been corrected many a time, and learned from it. It seems you've done your homework and I know you'll do awesome. You should start a journal :p
  9. ya i kinda started one, but i dont have my own camera, so i didnt think many people would be that interested. My roommate will be home tommorow and i will take some more pictures so people can see the growth. i only have a few pics up, but take a look if youd like
    Since those pics they have just been blowin up, i really really need to start flowering the WW's because of space, i just like seeing them grow so much everyday.

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