Forgot to pay my dealer

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  1. this is one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me. Me and my friends went to our best dealers house, and we bought a quarter. right when we walked in he took out like 3 ounces and we were all just starting at them in awe. He gave us the quarter, weighed it out, and then we left. About 20 minutes later he called us saying we forgot to pay. I have never laughed that hard in my life. It kinda sucked in the end because we had to drive 20 minutes in the wrong direction to pay him back.
  2. That's a good way to get shot in some places.
  3. Happens pretty often.

    It's hilarious, because at any other legitimate store they never forget to take your money at the register.

    I guess it comes with being a stoner :rolleyes:
  4. That's funny man. Was he cool about it, or did he think you guys tried to leave without paying?
  5. One time i bought this slice of danks of this ski employee in a gondola, handed him what i thought was 3 twenties but it was a 20 and a 10 rapped inside! He never said anything and i didn't realize till later that i had $30 more bucks then i should have and he never texted me haha
  6. back in highschool i sold a 20 bag and accidently left the money on the table i was sitting at. like 30 seconds later i realized and looked back and there was this huge mob of black people jumping over chairs and shit fighting over it lol

  7. Yeah KFC was cheap back then, you could get alot for 20$
  8. ive forgot to get the money a few times but you really cant get mad because you didnt insist on them giving it to u so its kinda your fault
  9. ^That went to far,

    Pretty funny tho
  10. I almost didn't pay my guy the other day.
  11. ya, i do it purposefully. in a moving car...i hand off the roll of $1s, they hand me the dank type shit.
  12. Lol i did this once. me and my buddy picked up our dealer from sawgrass and drove him home. on the way there he did a lot of our... something i cant talk about but its white. and we sat in his driveway with him for like 25 minutes talking and then he got out and left.

    As i was halfway back to where i was comming from i felt something strange under my leg, something papery. so i look down to see what it is and i see a 20 a 10 and a 5 lol.
  13. happens to me all the time. the FIRST time i ever bought weed it completely slipped my mind, i felt like a dumb ass lol.
  14. marijuana should be free
  15. hahaha true true
  16. lol. I still owe one of my friends $20 for a gram. They're my good friends so I have no intention of keeping their money, but I'm gonna see how long it takes them to remember they never got the money. Haha. They probably think the other one got it or something.
  17. too right!
  18. When this happened he just laughed. But it took us a while to get back to him so he called again and was slightly angry. We ended up meeting him while he was walking his dogs
  19. Happened many times, usually when me and/or my dealer are stoned

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