Forgot my dog had no balls **long**

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  1. Well my girlfriend broke up with me a couple of months ago. It was a long, long relationship but it ended because for the last like year she had been an absolute bitch to me and like obviously wasn't happy anymore.
    So anyways its been a few months and I have been really depressed and just completely isolated and just staying at home getting stoned with my dog and feeling sorry for myself. But today i got extremely high off a few eddibles (haven't made brownies since i started uni 3 years ago which is a very very long time to me lol) and the last 1.5 grams I had from my grow - don't worry, I have more it just wasn't grown by me-.
    I was completely baked out of my mind, just completely couchlocked to my lazy boy playing black ops for like 4 hours and talking about random stuff on xbox live when i realised that I should get back out there and go find a cute gorgeous little chick to fuck. I start thinking more and more about how I haven't had sex for ages cos I missed it so bad, like having sex with my girlfriend was awesome she always used to like want to film me while I was fucking her, and taking photos of me naked and putting them on her tumblr and i really missed fucking her. I decided once i sobered up I would give this hot as fuck chick i know a call.
    anyways this is where my dog comes into it. As soon as i start thinking all that stuff my dog like starts looking at me and it was like he thinking "I want that too man" and i then i realised that this girl also has a female dog that would be awesome for my boy to get with as well. I was like yeah boy were gonna get some pussy and jumping up and shit and then I realise, Oh my dog got neutered a few months ago cos my bitch of a girlfriend said he was too "dominant of the house" he is only like knee high for fuck sakes.

    Anyway thanks for reading : ) sorry for the long post lol

    And if your gonna say cool story bro dont say anything at all lol
  2. Wow.... i read this whole story only to find out you weretalking about your dog, not dad.....

  3. Lmao, you must have been imagining some pretty fucked up thougts
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    Lol so there's mad pics out there of you on the net? Sweet
  5. Lmao don't worry, you cant see my dick, I always covered it with my hands. And i always eventually talked her into taking it off tumblr before anyone re blogs it xD maybe if she finds out my and that chick fucked this afternoon maybe she will put them back up to spite me
  6. neutered dogs are still DTF
  7. Your poor dog.

  8. I wouldn't let a hoe do that to my pic for 5 lbs of bud.

  9. Serious? Would he actually root a female even tho he has no balls?

    It was kinky and fun at the time, C'mon, I'm still young and learning lol

  10. yeah...he can still fuck things he just wont get anything pregnant
  11. Oh sweet, he deserves some action, he has stood by me through this whole thing. when my girlfriend was moving out her dad came with his truck and trailer to pick up all her things (he was always a prick to me) and she tried taking my dog and he growled and then her dad tried to pick him up and put him in the truck but he bit his arm and ran back inside lol. she probably would have sold him cos she didnt like him and cos he is pure bred she was like we should sell him to a breader and use the money for a vacation. Like i brought that dog when he was a new born pup and he has grown up with me and i love him and he cost me so much, why would i want to sell my friend.

    sorry for the rants lol
  12. Why would you chop off your best friend's balls for a girlfriend? Those actions show alot about your character in a friendship. Remember the time tested saying dude "Bros before Hos".

    A funny story about spading... My mom got two himalayan cats for pets and to breed them, but the female cat had a miscarriage from the male so she decided to fix the female. My mom spared the male his testicles, who kept trying to hump the female for years wondering why she wasnt DTF. We would catch him trying to mount her all the time and had to yell at him to get off. My mom would yell "I see that look in your eye you stay away from her!". Shit was funny.
  13. "As soon as i start thinking all that stuff my dog like starts looking at me and it was like he thinking 'I want that too man'"

    i exploded in laughter right about here
  14. that's nuts.

  15. You have no idea how bad I feel about it now xD I wish i could go back

    I was so stoned lol

  16. it decreses his sexual drive, meaning he wont want to fuck as easily. but its worth a shot
  17. cool story br...

    na just playing lol, not that funny to me but i bet it was legendary to you. probably had to be there

  18. Yeah it was to me : )

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