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Forgive Me Fathers fors I Have Sinned

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxJWxX, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. Yes mky children its times to rejoice,

    Tell me your sins, The drunkest of the drudnkest priests, adn iShall decide whether or nott to fiorgive you

    I drannk too fuckim much as usually it goes,

    I cant gettt an erection becauz of the amount of alcohollic beveragez Ihave consumede, lets say abboutt 13 beers and 7 shots of jackky daniesl,

    and lasat btu far from least, I threw an apple offf of my balccony and brokek a windshield, why sam i so fucknic stupid

    letss hear your sinss, but in a not drunk way so maybe just maybe Id dcan understand
  2. i only misbehave from time to time. oh, and i break the law on a multiple times a day basis. but that\'s not my fault.

    i steal lighters all the time, but again, not my fault, just a very specific version of a well known psychological disorder called kleptomania.

    i haven\'t been (really) drunk for a few months. no blackouts, no \"rock\'n\'roll\" accidents (tripping over / falling on the way home from the venue/pub). no drunken slips of the tongue offending people right, left and center.

    so no, my conciense is clean.

    nice having no sense of regret, innit :)
  3. man, you\'re so fucking drunk.. hahaaha
  4. are we just talking druinkin stupid things...... or drunken choas/ destructiveness......

    tell me wich and i shall lst.
  5. last night I drank a bottle of soy sauce and then pretended to fly a friend\'s house in an attempt to recreate the strongbad incident. If I am honnest I wasn\'t even that drunk. I also once tried to piss in the corner of some girl\'s living room- but you all know about that. And you should all know about the feather duster incident. That was fun.
  6. Forgive me father for I have sinned,

    I cummed too soon, and dissapointed my partner. Oh why must you fucking do this to me tonight? i\'LL NEVER look at myself the same again! I should be struck by fuckin lightnin and thrown in a coffin and be buried in a pile of monkey shit in Afghanistan. No?
  7. [​IMG] rotflmao
  8. oh father i have sinned. I had my partner give me head in a public school today(in grls restroom)... i didn\'t get off though.
  9. i got drunk and puked all over my aunts yard nomes,she called me and cussed me,god d**it boy you should have better sense
  10. You should have just said that you were trying to be the 8th dwarf....pukey... :D
  11. A friend and I stole a bunch of cookies from a buffet and were confronted by the manager about it. He made us throw away the dozen or so cookies in our hands but didn\'t find out about the rice krispies treats in our pockets.

  12. not getting off in itself is a sin...

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