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forgetting to put water in bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Havok410, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. ever been so high that you forgot to put water into your bong? it just happened to me. i just smoked for the first time since friday and as i was smoking my second bowl, i realized that something was weird when i started to light it. low and behold there was no water in the bong :wave:.
  2. wow

    no i can't say i haver ever done that

    i have been so drunk though i just said fuck the water and smoked without it
  3. hahaha thats kinda fucked up but funny
  4. haha I have done that twice now. Kills my lungs when it happens
  5. Im usually not high before I get my bong ready.
  6. haha this just happened to me last night no lie :smoking:
  7. It's better to prep everything and get settled before you set in for a sesh. Then shit like that doesn't happen.

    The more you know...
  8. Happened to me once too. I was high at the time because I'd been smoking all day but for some reason after one sesh I dumped it out and then forgot. *shrugs* Who knows what I was thinking XD
  9. Second time I smoked out of my first bong, I forgot to put water in it. I wasn't high, I was just eager to smoke.
  10. I've done that many many times. I'm sure it happens to a lot of bong owners.
  11. yeh the only thing is I didnt do it on purpose, we didnt have any water and it was 2 in the morning so we tried it w/out water, it stilll worked and wasn't hot smoke.
  12. I have done that several times... one time i wasn't even high lol it was f'ed up
  13. i've done that a bunch of times just cause it was too much bother to put water in it cause i was so eager, i know that makes me sound like a lazy son of a bitch but i couldn't wait.

    it works just as well and it was awesome
  14. its like a giant steam roller imo
  15. almost my friend. also one time forgot the water when my bro was cuttuin my hair on the portch and i went to hit the bong, lo and behold no water so i just poured my koolade in. i mean its just sugar water really.

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