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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CyclicDreams, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Anyone else been high as hell and done something so stupid that you just think to your self *Damn, I am really high" :smoke: I just smoked a couple bowls and put some left over mac and cheese in the microwave (and totally forgot about the aluminium foil on top)..hopefully didn't fuck my microwave up :p.

    What's one of your forgetful moments when you've been high?
  2. I can just never fucking remember where I put my phone when I am high.
  3. Today, I attempted to get a trashbag about 3-5 times. Everytime I went to go get one I got distracted and forgot then realize.
  4. what were we talking about man?

    HAHAHA no... but since i havent really been toking because of probation... when i take a snap here and there, it RUINS my memory hahaha, i normally had no issues with memory when smoking, i just adjusted to it... but now ill toke a snap.... and fucking mid sentence ill forget what the fuck i was talking about, or ill be watching tv, and during the first commercial, ill forget what im fucking watching... makes me feel like a "kid" again hahahahahahah
  5. At about 11:00 P.M. on New Years Eve, my friend and I were going to Dominoes because we had the munchies for some bread bowl pastas :)smoke:) and as I was backing up I said out loud "There's no cars behind me right?" As if out of Family Guy the back of the car jolted up hard. Turns out those random juts of grass where they can stick the sign saying what's in the strip mall was behind me and I didn't even see it. I felt so stupid lol
  6. Once I was soooo blazed while stopped at a red light that I forgot to go when it turned green. I stared right through that light...luckily it wasn't a busy intersection and the guy behind me just laughed...probably sat there for 10 seconds!
  7. When you high ass fuck and you ready to take a doo-doo and you put the seat up and dip ya but in the toilet :p
  8. i hate realizing that you were supposed to do something because you forgot but you cant do it because your high.
  9. I always forget shit when i'm high. Usually when i'm going out i'll find myself running up and down the stairs because I forget shit like my phone, keys, wallet, bowl, grinder and whatever else I have I guess.
  10. One time me and my buddy went to Walmart and it took like 15 minutes to find my car.

    I was wondering, what exactly causes the forgetfulness you get when you're high? Are you just so absorbed in the experience that you don't pay attention to things? That kind of seems like what it is for me.
  11. I've gotten lost in the mall for hours. I couldn't find my way out and/or I couldn't find the exit that lead to my car. I ended up taking photos with my phone to remember where I've been.
  12. Damn that would scare me :eek:
  13. LMFAO dude one time I was going to get a can of soda, and I.....or wait no it was milk. So I oppened the cubbord and grabbed, the peanut butter......then.....fuck what did I do then?...... I remember petting my cat......ummmm.....

    Wait, what was I just saying?
  14. I always lose my grinder.
  15. One time I ripped 3 J's with 2 heads including myself while we were long boarding, (we were stopped when we smoked em) then we started down our usual trail in the neighborhood.. I bailed real hard going 'round 20 mph.. the rest of the night happened etc. etc. I woke up the next morning with a blood soaked pillow, cuts on my face, RIPPED up fingers on my right hand hahahha, just keep :smoke: 'ing
  16. lmao this guy gets what I'm talking about

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