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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ohkay53, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Is it just me or when you get pretty high, do you forget things easily too? Not like forgetting to turn off the stove, but like things that have been said 10 seconds ago or what happened 10 seconds ago. And when I come down from my high, I forget like 50% of the thimgs that happened while I was high. I know I comeup with some pretty badass/creative ideas but I forget about them when Im sober...does this kind of forgetfulness happen to you too?
  2. If I get really stoned, I wlli forget some of the stuff that happened. And yeah when I'm baked ill be In the middle of a conversation with someone and forget what they're talking about
  3. Of course. One of the only "negative" side effects from weed.

    But, if you're upset over losing creative ideas, keep a notepad handy when you smoke ;)
  4. First I realized I was more creative high than sober. I started drawing while high, some cool shit and see them when it wears off. Sometimes I'm too high and lazy to draw lol
  5. Such forgetfulness happens with me as well, keeping a notepad all the time is also not possible. But yes, I try to note it in my mobile, if I don't have a pen and paper handy.
  6. I dont know, forgot what I was going to type.
  7. Where am I? I think I blazed to much
  8. Smoke 3 blunts running on no sleep for 24 hours. You'll know the definition of forgetfulness.
  9. I used to find this happened a lot. But I started making a conscious effort to pay attention to what's happening. I stil forget some things, but usually that's because I really wasn't paying attention, thinking about something else.

    I'm bad with forgetting what we were talking about mid- conversation, but it's because my mind will just bounce from idea to idea and I change the subject way too often and I will try and talk about to completely different topics. I don't know how to explain it.
  10. Ive came up with the best thread titles and the best thread topics and the best video games and beats when im baked. But i always forget when i sober up. It sucks.

    Im also very forgivefull when im baked. Like say me and a friend get into a big argument. And we stop speaking for a couple of minutes. When i get high, i tend to forget about the argument and want to just chill and forget. But when i sober up i feel like i caved in lol
  11. Yeah I forgot a lot of things while being high. I don't forget things that just happened, but like the next day I'll forget stuff I did or said. But if you think about it, that's true even when you're sober. I don't really attribute forgetfulness to marijuana. Your brain has selective memory. It has to. You don't want to remember every single person's face you see or every word you speak.
  12. that happens to me all the time also. when i get blasted i tend to forget things almost immediately at random times. its super annoying.
  13. If I get really high I forget what I did from like a half an hour ago. I'll think I did something yesterday or last week when I really did it an hour ago.

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