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Forget finding New dealers,,, how does a deal find a new customer? how will he find u

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Double_S, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys, a \"friend of a friend\" of mine deals and he makes a decent income but he wants to expand his business .. dime wise he moves about a oz a week and about another oz in quats... like i said he wants to expand the business so far hes jsut tellin his friends to refer him to friends and its working nicly but is there anyother idea to make more sales ...

    I say.. go to a college and ask ppl if they have zig zag ... if they do they probly smoke too and if they dont have it and want smoke theyll ask u

    is ther another other way to get sales witout to much trouble?

    anybody got ideas
  2. cumone sum1 plz respond
  3. im guessin this will get closed
  4. its good your from Toronto but, this is so lame lol
  5. yeah this will most likely get closed, cannot talk about dealing here

    word of mouth is the best way for him to \"expand\" that way you can trust the people somewhat
  6. He can ask the local sheriff to spread the word or another good idea to expand buisness is a big nice billboard! :hello:

    Works wonders for me:p .

    Ice cream trucks (Cheech and Chong) except with herb is another good way. Just roll around neighborhoods with your theme music play\'n and watch the money roll in.

    I recommend the Stay High song my Three Six Mafia or a song of distinct marijuana usage to attract customers. But since this is for your \"friend\" it doesn\'t matter too much.:wave:
  7. Never going to make alot of money selling dimes.
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