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Forged NA meeting signatures

Discussion in 'General' started by Stevn, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. So, I was supposed to attend 10 aa or na meetings for this program that I was required by the court to do, but I only went to one and got 1 guy to sign my aa attendance paper and then i got about 5 other signatures with people and their phone numbers, who i was supposed to contact if I needed "help."

    Fuck going to 9 more because I leave for school in a week and won't have time and the patience to sit through that crap. I'm going to forged nine more signatures, but my question is whether I should use those other signatures of the other people who are kind of in charge... i guess... or should I just write out 9 more from the guy who signed the first paper I'm actually supposed to turn in?

    I don't think it's gonna be that big of a deal considering I'm getting signatures for na meetings to give to a person who I was required by the court to go to... so it's not my pb officer or anything... it's this woman who really does not give a fuck. She basically tought this class for a few weeks to about 20 people, and the entire time she was just like, "shit, man.. smoking pot, drinking... not good, but you just gotta decide for yer self... blah blah blah." What I'm saying is that she was still pretty cool.

    I'm just curious as to what you people think would be the best route in terms of trying to not get fucked in the ass here.

    I would like to add that I have all these signatures and phone numbers, so any name I write I'm gonna put their phone number too... I mean she's not gonna call 6 different people and go did (insert name) attend the meeting this day(they don't have attendance sheets) blah blah.... and then what's the other person gonna say..."uh idk... sure... they got my number didn't they?"

    anyways, any help would be appreciated
  2. btw i would appreciate no replies like, "just go to the meetings. it's easy and not worth the risk."

    That's not my concern right now and appreciate the concern some people might have, but I'm not worried.
  3. NA meetings are always pretty boring.... specially when there are 30 people there.

    I mean i like the whole 12 step stuff, but its to cult for me.

    i prefer my harm reduction outpatient rehab :cool:
  4. i always found it entertaining watching NA members fight for the coffee..
  5. Normally I would probably say go do the meetings and don't fuck the system...

    BUT mandated NA meetings? Fuck that. I don't believe in the 12 Step program anyway. I don't think it works to be honest.

    As some alluded to, it's funny to watch the members fight for the coffee, or go outside and smoke 10 butts in a row.

    Or become Born-Again Christians.

    You just trade one addiction for another.

    /Rants....no offense to those who feel it helps them. More power to you.

    I stopped drinking almost 10 years ago because I had to. I didn't need a 12 step, I just stopped. And I was a heavy drinker.
  6. i was ordered to attend 3 aa meetings a week for a year. after the first month or so i said, fuck it, and forged all the signatures with the help of my wife. i would also give it a little wear and tear, to make it look like i was carrying it around all month. so i would spit on it, spill shit all over it, rip it, whatever.

    anyways, good luck man

  7. yea man the main thing that works about the meetings, is getting a good group of people who are going through the same shit you are and are not using you can make some great friends. but then u also got the guys who ask u after the meetings if u can get them xanny bars (happened to me)
  8. yeah waste of time
  9. lol.

    i might go to a meeting or two and get some real signatures then forge the rest you need. not the same signatures, that could be a problem. different peoples signatures. that way if they call the people then some people will say they signed and some will say either no or they dont remember. either way it looks better to a p.o/judge if at least some people say they are sure they signed it.

    and don't be memorable. blend. that way the peoples signatures who you forged will be less likely to remember you werent there and might just say they did sign it to save face and not look like they don't even know whos shit they sign and don't sign.
  10. man, fuck mandated NA meetings..its kinda fucked that they force you to attend those considering many people DONT believe in a higher power, and those programs want you to give yourself to that higher power..

    its another example of how church and state should be separate.

  11. well i went to one meeting and they all did sign this paper for me so i've got a bunch of names...
  12. I do believe that there is the option to attend other more secular types of programs, but the problem is that there are very, very few of those. You pretty much have to google "12 Step Alternatives".

    I got convinced to go to an Al-Anon meeting once, hated every second of it. Never went back.

    The higher power part always gets me, and also the "I have no control over my actions" bullshit bothers me too.
  13. ok wont state the obvious, but here is the maybe not so obvious.
    if and thats abig if, but still.... if you get caught.
    they could go after you for forgery, fraud and throw you in jail for not completing court ordered things. To each his own, best o luck!
  14. IMHO being forced to anything one has not set their mind to do is a waste. I am a big fan of NA, AA, and CA, and rehabilitation programs as well. However, in most cases, especially when they are ordered by the court, they are a waste of time and money.

    Now fo rmy personal experience with pretrial court ordered programs. I was indicted on Federal Drug charges years ago. I was only out on bond for a short time, but the reasons they revoked my bond are not important here, and it had nothing to do with going to meetings/rehab. I had to attend 12 per month, or 3 per week. I had to turn in my papers every other week with at least 6 meetings on them signed by the chair person. I went to one meeting a week and got the whole sheet signed at that meeting by other members who 'understood' where I was coming from. Not once did they check the sigs for authenticity. Basically, juust get some of your friends to sign it for you. These programs complete foundation is built on remaining anonymous, so the court seldom check sigs, they may however notice a similarity in your writing if you try to sign it yourself. So just get some of your friends to sign it.


  15. yea i was giong throught them last night by myself and i was like... damn this all look like it came from the same hand. so i'll probably have to get some friends to sign
  16. Hey I'm new to the group.

    I'm in a similar situation. The court ordered me to attend a DUI prgram AND drug diversion program.

    My DD program requires 10 NA meeting signatures for me to pass and 3 clean piss tests. He said my tests were clean, I just need to get my signatures and finish paying, and I'm done. I went to two of the meetings.. It's hard to get rides and get to the meetins without a license! Dumb ass courts.... Anyways: Do you think he would take the time to check? It's not like he is getting payed extra by anyone to double check the signatures... Right?

    How did the original poster's situation turn out?

    Again, I don't have to show it to any judge, just the teacher of my assigned drug diversion class..

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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