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Forever young

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Marijuana Time, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Give me your opinion of this song I wrote


    Verse kicks in at :56

    We grew up in a cruel world
    Vision's swirled scared as children all we did was curl up
    Under the covers wishing to wake up
    From this nightmare with no care
    Why can't we just share with the misfortunate
    Proportion it with everyone's coordinates
    Corporate companies would rather commit larcenies than give pennies to the poor
    Army's rather start war on opposite shores than help restore
    Why can't we just adore the gift of life instead of taking it
    And love everyone unconditionally instead of faking it
    It's so degrading it's breaking me
    American's over accommodating everything
    Living like kings with expensive rings and things
    That we don't really need
    Giving into the greed that we all face
    Treating life as a race
    We need to help everyone keep the same pace
    Leaving no one to chase to finish in last place
    Backspace faith and just forget our differences
    Judging religion is ignorance


    Life's simple as a child
    Got a while to play wild with no worries
    No hurries, we just journeyed with no controversies
    But parent's in their thirties are dealing with attorneys
    Separating their bank worth cause they can't stand each other
    Kids inherit step brothers and sisters their crying in whispers
    Words they want to speak stuck in their mouths like blisters
    Consider the big picture there are people worse off
    With just the cloth on their back and a moth in their stomach
    Feeling lower than you would if you took a plummet from a summit
    To sum it up be grateful that your alive
    So don't deprive yourself to thrive
    We all arrive with nothing and that's what we take with us when we die
    Never lie and rely only on the one's that you can trust
    Earths crust is full of disgust with people
    lusting over items that eventually turn to dust
    Across seas kids have to cusp their water
    And get slaughtered if they come out a daughter

  2. Any feedback is good I'm just looking for other peoples opinions. If you read it at least leave a comment saying what you thought

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