Forever vegging system - lamps plus sun

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  1. Hello this post and about a personal doubt. and "market research" together. my question is about a micro-controlled photosensor (plug-play) that complements the sunlight ... always provides fixed 18h of light to the plant. if the season of the year or geographic location only provides 12h of light it complements with 6 ... if this is 14h ... 4+ is an extremely valuable resource for cost reduction. being able to use all the stations for the external cultivation ... you can say, I get this with a timer only ... but the days are not static vary in a few a day in the clearest (spring summer) to the darkest (autumn winter) over the weeks the timer has to be compensated for not stress ... the timer will never deliver exactly 18 Hd, for perpetual harvest.
    It may end up overstretching some plant and making hemaphrodites ...
    Do you find it useful to connect a few LED lamps with extremely low cost, keeping plants vegetating with all the power of the sun? what approximate value do you think a product of this is? would you use? What are your criticisms of the idea?
    I would like a lot of people to respond and be sincere in the answers

    Greetins from brazil, sorry for the google translator...
  2. What is your goal?

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