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Forever Bud??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr.Christmas, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Okay, so, I'm a little high writing this now, so if this sounds idiotic, I'm sorry. Buuut anyway, I was thinkin to myself about my ultimate weed goal, which is to smoke some purple buds. So I'm thinkin away, and I decide that if I ever do encounter purple buds, I'd buy as much as the guy had, then the train of thought led to:
    "I'd be sad to smoke that last bud though, seeing as I'm prolly gonna never see this baby again. :("
    So, I decided I'd encase that final glorious bud in acrylic so save it forever. Then I thought:
    "Would that be illegal to carry around? It's not like it's able to be smoked anymore..."

    Any thoughts on this? Good idea, or just dumb? And does anyone else think itd be like fine to keep on a keychain or something? lol
  2. Yes it would still be illegal.
  3. I just bought a quarter ounce of purple kush last saturday. I can literally see purple spots in the buds:hello: :hello:

    and I cant stop it from smelling up my entire room and even hallway:smoking::smoking:

  4. Totally unrelated but im curious :p

    Is weed that has NO THC left(like vaped weed?) considered illegal???
  5. AHHAHAHHA uhmmm number one...... purps arent that hard to come by, and i garuntee they will be available for a long time, so saving some bud "forever" is definately not good....

    secondly, carry bud with u is defintaely illegal, even if u cant smoke it.....

    sorry to say dumb idea :(:smoking:
  6. once you start pickin bud up regularly i guarantee youll come across purple strains quite often.

    by the way, purple doesnt indicate quality. just because you got a purple strain doesnt mean you have the finest, dankest weed. its equal in quality with any other bud. ive had purple strains a few times and i still way prefer something like trainwreck or kush.

  7. im almost positive its ANY part of the marijuana plant (not including hemp) even if theres no THC its still illegal...pretty sure.

  8. This.

    Purple weed definitely doesn't mean its THE BEST ULTIMATE WEED! In fact, its usually not.
  9. Yep. They can arrest you for a stem in some places.
  10. Hmm, oh well, I guess I'll just smoke that last bud then haha. And it's really that easy to come by? Lol weak. I live in MN and Ive never seen anyone with purple weed. And I know the color doesn't effect the potency, I just really wanna smoke purple weed because my favorite color is purple haha

  11. depends the dealer. some dealers dont get purple, some do. any dealer ive known never really liked purple strains a whole lot, so they never bothered picking them up.

    pretty much... a purple strain is no more rare/exotic/dank then any other strain. it looks cool cuz of the purple color (some purple strains, ironically, can be void of any purple. depends on how its grown as well as the genetics).

  12. ...most purple is a kush....
  13. Just to note, vaped weed still has about 30%-40% of the THC left in it.

    And were you high when you thought of that idea?
  14. Yea, kinda coming down though, and the idea is seeming a little more on the sketchy side.
  15. Yeah you can go to jail for a seed down here... But the thing is, in order for them to really prove its a weed stem wouldnt they have to do a test for THC?

    Anyways fuck it, its illegal either way so idk wtf im thinking about lol...

    Just got done rolling a blunt of some "purp" so :wave::wave:

  16. not really. there are some purple strains with kush genetics... and there is even some purple kush strains (like purple kush lol)... but you really get a wide variety of purples. plus most purples ive had were highly sativa, im more of an indica fan... hence me not being a big purp fan.

    i had master kush a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it.
  17. O man totally high when you thought of this I bet i love hearing ideas that come out of peoples brains after that.
  18. #18 oldskoolgrower, Feb 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2009

    Yeah. Truth be told, purple coloration is a common recessive Indica trait. Cannabis is highly variable; even within a given strain you'll find a lot of genetic drift and variation. I've had purple show on other Indica's with Kush heritage such as Northern Lights too, though of course not consistently. Every generation is a bit different even with a stable set of genetics. That's where a lot of 'strains' come from; normal genetic drift that yields a slightly different phenotype.

    EDIT: There are some purple Sativas, mainly Haze variants (not the original Purple Haze, don't get me started on that) but in my years of growing I've had far more purple on Indicas.

  19. for sure dude. Last time I picked up some granddaddy purps I bought some clear papers and rolled a fatty clear jay and the whole jay was purple. I suggest doing this.
  20. there was purple in the citys i shit you not it was 50 a g, bah damn rap music making weed more expensive

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