Forever and Never - a poem

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  1. Forever and Never
    Spheres of light shine bright
    Fire laid out in the sky
    The sun shares its last rays
    One not seen in many days
    A lone bird soars high
    Not a chance to let this go by
    A view that borders ecstasy
    So glad to have you next to me
    Rather share this sight
    Than sit here alone tonite

    Time stops but lips still move
    Fears and anxieties soothed
    Past calamities never seemed so smooth
    While we wait, wait so long to choose
    The future we no longer want to prove
    Transcend the stars, soar to infinite
    We do this all so well
    While not taking life so seriously

    For now we stare into the diamonds of the sky
    Cherish the cool night as a means to get by
    But not to waste time, but to embellish it
    Even as a breeze blows by the flame stays lit
    As we chill with nature while it still has merit
    Because we've realized what we love falls apart bit by bit
    Each night a star falls off the sky, a mind that fell behind
    Dimmer and dimmer sights fail to shimmer
    The line of tolerance grows thinner

    By now its dark, but no not in our hearts
    Illuminating within, we have from the start
    Internal love to suppress our rage
    While we take part on this everchanging stage
    Not as an actor but as a factor
    In the book of life we'll own atleast one chapter
    One full of joy that fills voids with laughter
    Live to experience the things that matter

    Hope you guys like it.
  2. good poem, +rep.

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