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Forest Sesh

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by savie, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Well my Buddy decided to make a video of us ripping bong in the forest:D,tell me what you think.

    P.S Sorry for the shitty video quality.

    [ame=""]YouTube - forest[/ame]
  2. oh yea i love smokin in the woods makes me feel so intune with nature
  3. agreed.. just being in the outside world is amazin wen high... i love bein in the woods but i especially love being in time square NYC wen fucked up..simply amazin
  4. Sweet vid, love the music and also the nature theme :D
  5. Yea especially when you use the river for bongwater:D
  6. nice vid, nice song, and nice fatty rips, keep up the good work haa
  7. damn i love smoking in the woods!! I live right by jay cooke state park and me and buddies go for nature walks with like 5 joints and just walk around and smoke them jay's. we walk so far into the woods and we can also go and sit by this litttle water fall and chief and have the mist spraying in the air fuckin awesome!!!! too bad its winter and we have like 2 ft of snow on the ground so nature walks are a little tough and cold but its still kool there. Love the vid and the song. im gonna have to bring my bong to the woods and try smoking it out there.
  8. yea i love riding bikes on a trail after burning a blunt, especially in the summer when its nice and warm:smoke:

  9. i went to NYC for a Jewish youth group trip and one of the guys on our trip knew about a delivery service. So we called the guy up and 30 min. later there was this Armenian guy on a bike right out front of our hotel. It was so ballin :hello:

    but ya, times square is an intense place to be high :smoke:

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