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Foreplay Problems

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by basedgoddess00, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. It's been like this for awhile now, and I don't entirely know what to do to change it, but here goes...
    My sex drive is insane, I could go multiple times a day for days. And days. And then some more days. My boyfriend's stamina has seemed to have dropped off a bit since the beginning, and it's like he gets too turned on to be able to hold up long enough for me to finish. I feel like part of the problem is foreplay. He'll happily accept a blowjob from me, but then wants to go right into sex. The only time he ever fingers me or goes down is when I dress up in lingerie, and even then it's only for a brief moment. I know the problem isn't hygiene related, I take extra time in the shower to make sure I'm extra clean, and completely shaven. I know the problem can't be taste, it's never been a problem in the past for any guys (or girls, for that matter.) But I don't understand why he wouldn't enjoy pleasing me as much as I love pleasing him. I always read posts up here about how much guys enjoy pleasuring their girl, and I don't understand why he doesn't touch me. He says I never ask him to eat me out, but he never has to ask me to go down on him?It's pretty much gotten to the point that when he does give me foreplay, I'm too worried about him not enjoying it to get any pleasure from it. Understandably, some women have some fucked-up looking vaginas, but I mean, shit. From what I've heard, and what I think myself, I have a beautiful vag. He gets annoyed when I frequently try to get him in the mood, but he's the only one getting any pleasure. Don't get me wrong, it feels amazing when we have sex, it's just not long enough, or I haven't been 'prepared' enough to achieve my orgasm. I understand that sometimes your hand, jaw, or tongue can get tiresome, but I never stop when I'm on top and my legs are about to give out, or when my throat gets sore. I go through leg pain equivalent to next-day squat pain if I have to, without any problems.
    Am I doing something wrong? How can I change things? Any stamina tips for men?
    Thanks blades.

  2. Stick with women. We know how to please a woman! Lol Sent from my A500 using Tapatalk
    This would've helped had I known before I fell hopelessly in love. Granted, women know women better!
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    first off, have you expressed your feelings about this towards him. does he know that, essentially, you are not being satisfied?
    kind of a cop out. i can pleasure a woman to the point of explosion without ever using my dick ;)
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    You need to have an open and honest conversation with this dude, because he obviously has no clue. 
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    tell him, and express your feelings about it. 
    He doesnt sound like he knows what he is doing honestly. 
    Nothing hotter to me then a girl getting me in the mood. 
    He gets upset sometimes because he can't please me, but he's not an idiot. He knows he isn't giving me any foreplay, and he knows he can't last that long anymore. Like I said in the original post, he says I never ask him to eat me out. (I've complained about it before) & What girl should have to ask on the reg? If I don't think he enjoys it enough to take the initiative, I'm sure as hell not going to ask him every time I want it.
  8. [quote name="TheAnswer121" post="19310024" timestamp="1389300977"]first off, have you expressed your feelings about this towards him. does he know that, essentially, you are not being satisfied?kind of a cop out. i can pleasure a woman to the point of explosion without ever using my dick ;)[/quote]Its not a cop out its the truth. LolSent from my A500 using Tapatalk
    He's had multiple, and I mean MULTIPLE partners. He's not new to anything, nor is he clueless. I don't want to have to ask him to touch me every time I want to be touched....
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    I dunno, if I find my lady attractive you bet I'll be going down for days..
    Hows his diet/fitness level?  That could be fucking with his sex drive.
  11. i feel ya. its not exactly a turn on if you have to ask for it. wish i could help more but it sounds like he just doesnt want to. im sorry for that. :(
  12. Exactly what I mean, guys like you. Lol NOT FAIR
    He works 11 hour shifts, all day every day, aside from Sundays. Not much time to work out, but his physique isn't bad at all. Diet, he eats pretty healthily for the most part, but maybe you're right. That could be improved.
    It's all good.... I just wonder what goes through his head. He talks like he doesn't mind, but it's an impeccable task to actually get him to do so. Meh.
    It doesnt matter how many partners to his experience or willingness. Pornos make it seem like girls get off easily and they dont usually get much foreplay. Doesnt quite work that way in real life. 
    If I am dating a girl there is a reason (one night stands are more about me). She will stay pleased and i make the effort, I know i will get off in the end. Something about knowing i am getting her off turns me on. 
  15. Sounds like you two might not be compatible sexually then.    For what it's worth, foreplay rules and I'd lick that pussy for days   :)
  16. are you more dominant than him? maybe try taking more control of the situation. 69 and whatnot. nothing sexier, to me at least, than a girl sitting on my face
    as far as stamina, i can understand working all day and not having much energy, but even still. just sounds like laziness to me.
  17. Jesus I can't leave my missus alone lol its her that wont do the touching :(.I thought it only worked my way, what guy isn't a horny git 99.9% of the time? Lol.
  19. Come to Australia, I'm an expert down under ;)
    if he can't please you now or keep up with you, you'll eventually get bored and you know what that will lead to
    tell him to get his shit together

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