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  1. You guys like foreign zombie movies? I've seen dead snow, the horde, this other French one that's mostly about the process of this dude changing into a zombie after he gets bitten, and another where they're in a small city and a hospital an the zombies can run on walls and shit lol. And I guess you could consider 28 weeks and days later foreign.

    I like American zombies more but all of these were pretty good. I've noticed European movies are more gory, in dead snow it had too much gore for me, I mean people's intestines were getting pulled out every other scene.

    But if you like zombie movies you should watch the ones I talked about.
  2. That one with will smith was good.
  3. I am legend? How is that a foreign zombie movie? Lol
  4. lol its neither foreign nor a zombie movie.

    i dont think he gets it.

    also personally aside from 28 ___ later, i dont really care for foreign zombie movies. ive tried to watch the horde.. but my french isnt good enough to keep up with them, and the voice overs for the english version are absolutely awful.
  5. The Italian "Zombi 2" directed by Lucio Fulci was advertised as a sequel to Dawn of the Dead (it was called Zombi in Italy). It was called Zombie in america I believe. It had realistic zombies, a nude diving scene, and to top it all off, a Zombie vs. a Shark :) definately reccomended
  6. Dead snow is fucking awesome prob one of the best zombie films. I reckon t was made for stoners
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    Rec. isn't bad. Neither is The Horde.

    I know the movie you're talking about OP, about the guy being bit and changing. I forget the name though. I didn't care for it much. It's on Netflix instant though. It shouldn't be hard to find for anyone interested

    Was The Dead(2011?) foreign? I can't remember, but either way I wouldn't recommend it

  8. I don't think it was foreign I wouldn't recommend it either, pretty boring but if you got a few hours to kill its decent enough.

  9. Dead snow was awesome but honestly there was almost a little too much gore for me, I mean people's intestines were getting pulled out every other scene. But I love when that guy put the machine gun on the snow mobile haha

  10. Rec was good us remake quarintine was wooden as fuck

  11. I just love it whn the all gather in the tool shed. Brilliant lol...

    And where the zombie drags himself up the snow mobile and hits tht branch..

    On a darker note where the zombies ripping out those persons guts whike hes consious made me realise how awful it would be to get eaten by one
  12. Dead Snow was shit. But we're glad you liked it.


  13. Dead Snow was good, but it didn't feel like a zombie movie really. But I guess it's good to see a video try doing shit different
  14. i have mad respect for Italian horror dario argento was the main reason dawn of the dead was even made though his cut of the film was no were near as good as george's

  15. If i understood norweigan ild think it was shit too... :)
  16. [REC]
    [REC] 2
    Rammbock (Siege of the Dead/Berlin Undead)
    La Horde
    Brain Dead
  17. Zombie 108 is a pretty cool chinese zombie movie!

    [ame=]Zombie 108 (z-108) Official Trailer 2011 - YouTube[/ame]
  18. Rammbock... its on netflix check it out:smoke::smoke:
  19. also check out pontypool:smoke::smoke:
  20. My dad just got this European movie called zombie diaries 2, about to start watching it and I will report back in a few hours

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