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Foreign Language Weed Slang by Country

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Col. Forbin, Feb 7, 2009.

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    For all those who plan on making trips to non-English-speaking countries, I'd like to get a guide going on some weed slang and terminology organized by country. If you know of anything not on the list, please feel free to post it up and i'll edit the original post. I'll start it off with my limited knowledge and we'll see where this goes from there.

    Argentina (Spanish)
    Falopa - Marijuana

    Columbia (Spanish)
    Bareta - Joint
    Olla - Drug den/ dealer's house
    Pata - Roach

    France (French)
    L'Herbe - Marijuana (lit. "the herb") [pronounced: lairb]
    La Weed - Marijuana
    Le Shit - Hash [pronounced: shii tuh]
    Le Teushi - Hash
    Kif - Hash

    Mexico (Spanish)
    Cartucha - Package of joints
    Sinse - Marijuana
    La Cosa - Marijuana
    Diablito - Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana in a joint
    Mota - Marijuana
    Narco - Dealer
    Hierba - Marijuana
    Armar - to roll a joint
    Churro - Joint
    La poli - The Police
    La patrulla - The Police
    Marijuanero - Pothead
    Una Tacha - A Pill
    Pacheco - Stoned
    La Piedra - Crack Cocaine (lit. "rock", or "stone")
    Fuego - Match or Lighter (lit. "fire")

    Philippines (English)
    Damo - Marijuana

    South Africa (Afrikaans, English, and many other official languages)
    Bhang - Weed

    Japan (Japanese, no official language)
    Happa - Marijuana
    Kusa - Marijuana
    Marihuana - Marijuana

    Dagga - Weed
    Charras - Hash
    Bhang - Cannabis that has been made into a paste or fine powder, that is ingested- usually in a Lassi (yogurt based drink)

    Netherlands (Dutch)
    Blaft - Fat Joint
    Ges - Marijuana (lit. "grass")
    Paté - Dank weed
    Petaar - Joint (lit. "firecracker")
    Rollen - Rolling
    Scheef - Very stoned (lit. "slanted)
    Vijzen - Rolling (lit. "screwing")
    Wiet - Marijuana (lit. "weed)

    Turkey (Turkish)
    Ot - Marijuana (lit."weed") Rough pronunciation, "oat."
    Esrar - Hash
    Hashash - Hash
    Co - Can refer to joints and sometimes weed. Rough pronunciation, "joe."

    Russia (Russian)
    Travka (Травка) - Marijuana
    Kosiak (Косиак, Косяк) - Joint

    Thanks to the following people for their additions to the list:
    pnoygangsta, sambo5472, Penelope420, stoned_soldier, herbHal, nitraw, otto89, Lebowski
  2. USA (English)
    Jay - Joint
    Dboys House - Dopemans house
    DANK - Good weed

    We are so simple about it
  3. Phillipines,

    Damo -weed , but most everybody speaks english so it shouldn't be a problem

    South Africa



    Happa, Kusa, Marihuana,-weed


  4. Got some dutch one's for u guys:

    Ges: dialect, basically means grass
    Wiet: weed
    Paté: dank weed
    Scheef: basically means slanted but we use it to describe the state off being very stoned.
    Petaar: dialect for fire crackers (the little bombs, not cookies with weed on em) means joint
    Blaft: not really a word, means phat joint.
    Rollen: means rolling
    Vijzen: also rolling but the word actually means screws or as a verb the action off screwing a screw into something.
    I could go on for hours but these are the most commonly used ones around here. Also we use a variety off English words like dank and joint albeit differently pronounced.
  5. India:
    Charras = Hash
    Bhang = Cannabis that has been made into a paste or fine powder, that is ingested- usually in a Lassi (yogurt based drink)
  6. Mexico:
    mota, hierba - weed
    armar - to roll a joint
    churro - joint
    la poli, la patrulla - police

    marijuana - marijuana
  7. Turkish

    Ot: Weed. Literally means "weed." Rough pronunciation, "oat."
    Esrar: Hash.
    Hashash: Hash.
    Co: Can refer to joints and sometimes weed. Rough pronunciation, "joe."
  8. russian: travka (pot, weed), kosiak (joint) also some places in ukraine varenje (literal meaning jelly, jam.
  9. spanish

    marijuanero- pot head

    drogas- drugs

  10. thanks but can you clear up the varenje part? what does it mean? i tried looking it up but all i got was "concoction"
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    L'Herbe (herb) pronounce: lairb
    La weed pronounce: ouiid (french W is more like a ou like in who)

    Le shit : (shii tuh)most popular name, because moroccan hash is said to be cut with camel shit
    Le Teushi : popular slang created by switching the syllables of "le shit"
    Kif: (keef not kif)another name for hash, in morroco and north africa this means marijuana the plant.

  12. thanks, do you know anything else about morocco?
  13. South Africa

    zol -weed (ask where you can get zol first then ask for the type or you might get jut)
    nyope -weed (used mainly by younger people)
    Swaz - like Swazi gold but could refer to weed in general
    Jut - lower quality weed
  14. [quote name='"stoned_soldier"']
    marijuana - marijuana[/quote]

    Canada is so confusing haha
  15. southern US slang

    dope- any drug (redneck)

    that dope- very high grade marijuana (d-boy)

    Krypto, Krippy, Kryp: sensimellia (Floridian)

    whiteboy- Joint (d-boy)

    'cancer paper'- the overlapping glued line on the side of a cigar, the yellow layer in a black and mild

    BAP-garbage weed

    Droe- semi high grade to high grade weed, usually having nothing to do with hydroponics but sometimes thats exactly what it is.

    Reggie Brown: dirt weed
    Reggie Bush: low grade, "regs"
    Reggie Miller: middle grade to lower high grade
    Reggie Wayne: high grade
    Reggie Noble: super high grade

    JUICE: non organic, high potency, low maintenance sensi
    JUICY: fruity high grade bud usually with a very strong high I.E. Somango
    Lollipop: the most choice nug out of the bag

    chicken fingers: long slim beautiful buds
    chunks: dense, compact buds

    hope i didnt put too much i just kinda let em go
  16. Lmaooooo what the fuk..
  17. Russians also use:
    Plan - weed
    Kes (short for Kosjak) - like J for Joint
    Dunut - To smoke weed
    Vkurenij - To be high, like he is high/vkurenij

    Ganja and Marijuana are also used obviously.
  18. Japan
    Dai Asa
    Literally means 'big hemp'
    The second kanjii is meant to pictorally represent nugs being hung to dry.
  19. Puerto Rico:
    weed: "marijuana" or "pasto" 
    joint: "mota"
    spliff: "porro" (also a word for joint but this typically implies that you're adding tobacco also)
    high: "arrebatao" if you wanted to say "I'm really high" you could say "Estoy bien arrebatao"
    Love my PR heritage.
  20. In brazilian portuguese
    weed: maconha, mato, brenfa
    joint: baseado, fino
    to roll a joint: bolar, coxar (rough pronunciation: Koshar)
    high: doidão, chapado

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