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  1. Title says it all.

    I'm looking for some good foreign horror movies to watch on Netflix.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Takashi Miike.
  3. Masters of Horror / Imprint

    Is that the correct one?
  4. Audition
    A Tale of Two Sisters
    Battle Royale
    Noroi: The Curse
    Visitor Q
    Suicide Club
    Ab-normal Beauty
    Tokyo Gore Police
    13 Beloved

    Not strictly horror but Oldboy

    All I can think of at the moment, but they're some of my faves
  5. Horde. French zombies.
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    You just had to taunt me.

    Zombie is pretty good for an Italian B movie.

  7. Just watched this one 2 nights ago.

    Gotta say I definitely liked it. It just seems like Hollywood doesn't put out any decent horror movies anymore. I've been gravitating towards foreign films now.

    Always had a soft spot for the Asian horror movies. Creep me out.

  8. Zombie is great :D

    Speaking of Italian, Dario Argento has some of the best foreign horror/giallo movies out there, I would definitely recommend Deep Red and Suspiria, 2 of my favourites
  9. Love to watch Paranormal Activity 2

  10. 1. Not a foreign movie
    2. Not a good movie
  11. Just watched Rare Exports the other day. Its a unique look at santa and a pretty good film overall.
  12. Thinking this is a spam account.
  13. as stated above, Let The Right One In
  14. My favorite Horror Movies are:-
    1 Saw
    2 Evil Dead
    3 Resident Evil after life
  15. uhm dude, foreign. i didnt list event horizon cuz its not foreign
  16. Dead snow is really worth a watch....mental Nazi zombies!!
  17. Movies is best way to get relax and refresh. My favourite horror movies are:

    1) Dark water.
    2) Rec.
    3) The Devil's Backbone.
    4) Shutter.
    5) The Orphanage.
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    Dead snow is recommended, although it's a dark comedy more than a horror movie ;)

    For other Norwegian movies I recommend "cold prey"

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪COLD PREY - Official Trailer‬‏[/ame]

    Two sequels exist as well, all three are pretty decent.

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