Foreclosure fraud whistleblower found dead

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  2. Pretty stupid to come forward and then kill yourself.

    Banks do some shady things, wouldn't be surprised if she was knocked off by a pro.
  3. So they can't even tell if she killed herself, but they're already sure it wasn't a murder?

    And if she DID kill herself, who would do that when they only have UP TO a year sentence and would be looked somewhat favorably upon as a whistleblower.

    Just doesn't make much sense.......
  4. No matter how she died, it could be said that she had it coming for fucking up all that paperwork.
  5. Detective stoned Mcgee is on the scene.

    First if there was no clear sign of foul play ie gun shot/knife wounds, strangulation marks, then we can assume 1 of 3 thing.

    There was no foul play, and it was of natural causes. Weird timing at that, but still nothing fishy.

    She decided to off herself. Would it be strange that with such a minor sentence she decided to call it quits?
    Not necessarily, people quit out early all the time for miniscule problems.
    Maybe she couldnt take the guilt, and was scared of jail. Who knows.

    There was a killer but was able to wack his target real covertly, Ezio style.

    It should be fairly easy to knock off suicide.

    I mean you could o.d on prescription medication.
    Slit your wrists.
    Hang yourself.
    Drown yourself.
    Co poison

    Basically the list goes on and on.

    If there arent any external injuries, drugs and didnt find her in a tub full of water, hanging from a rope, sitting in a parked running car in her garage (well you get the idea) then it wasn't suicide
  6. Now if there really was a killer, than as aforementioned the person would have to had a way to kill her without leaving external injuries via poison or strangulation with a plastic bag over head.

    If in deed she was killed, and with a poison at that, then you would imagine a toxicology report would identify the victims cod.

    But to examine the idea further, why would somebody have her killed when she already blew the whistle and was going to now serve her time.
    Maybe their was more to be revealed, maybe it twas revenge. Maybe I dit it, very intriguing indeed.

    But if it twas natural causes mind you.

    Then I believe weve all taken this story of misfortune and twisted it beyond recognition to fill some sick part of our deluded minds of a fantasy world where ghouls and goblins lurk every corner watchin every move we make only to realize that its all in our heads.
  7. Hey Detective,

    Usually all the emotional stuff is worked out by whistle blowers before they decide to blow the proverbial whistle. Once you decide to undertake something like that people tend to yearn for something called closure.

    Suicide, being a permanent solution to a temporary problem, tends to ruin any chance one has at closure.

    The law is easier on whistle blowers because of its common law roots - Yes you did something wrong and could have gotten away with it but you chose not to, therefor you already show signs of rehabilitation and 'worthiness' of being part of society.

    Everyone is different, but whistle blowers don't tend to off themselves once stepping up to become whistle blowers. It becomes a type of atonement.

    But you've got a pretty fantastic thought experiment that would work well for a fiction novel
  8. How can they already tell she didn't get murdered if they don't even know what caused her death?
  9. Wowwwwww not obvious at all *rolls eyes*
  10. Limited hangout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Looks like her silence was needed to protect the larger players.

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