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  1. I planted my seeds in mid march and they have been in veg state since, but i have to force them into flowering because our sheriffs are trying to push a ban on outside growing and collections. They vote next week but im pretty sure they are going to ban it and close all the collections down. So i need to know how to force my plants into flowering. If anyone can help me by telling me how to force my plants into flowering that would be great. And what is the light cycle while flowering?
  2. Stimulate 12 12 so basically cover them at 7 uncover at 7
  3. 12 hrs of light, then 12 hrs of COMPLETE darkness!!! this will start to make em bud
  4. so if i put a trash bag over them for about 12 hours it should do the trick?

  5. it will get WAY to hot and humid inside those trash bags
  6. Come on now, use some common sense. They need to be covered without being smothered.

  7. No it will kill them i suggest brining them inside and put thm in a cuboard or something.
  8. well they are to big for a cuboard and to big for a closet i can put them in the garage but there is no guarantee that there will be absolutely no light. so im kinda stuck on that is there anyway i can get around it?
  9. Its time for plants to start flowering outdoors anyway. I wouldn't even bother. But the garage should work pretty well.

    ps - They don't really have to have 12/12. Plants will start flowering with anything less than 14/10. 12/12 is just optimal for flowering speed and yield indoors.
  10. Get a grow tent or convert a room of your house into a grow room. You will need to have a 12/12 light cycle and the only way to FORCE that successfully is to do that inside.
  11. what MjMamma said..

    Fresno ?
  12. Dood.. If they are voting next week, go find yourself a spot in the woods. If you force flowering you'll have to stay at it the whole time. I'm not seeing the benefit to force flowering in your situation...

    If the vote goes south. You still have your plants. If it goes well, you still have your plants. Forcing it is only going to create a lot of work and worry for you, to take what? A week or two off the final finish date they would have naturally...doesn't seem worth it... Let us know whatcha decide to do!

    My .02


  13. If you put them in the garage there will be enough darkness to stimulate 12 12 it doesn't have to be pitch black just enough darkness to
    make the plant sleep.

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