"Forced" T break

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  1. To make a long story short, I was hospitalised due to my Bipolar 1 disorder and while i was in the hospital my parents found out from some of my friends i was smoking bud. Now my dad is pissed/hurt of the fact i have been smoking bud and well my dad is 70 and is real ignorant to the truth of bud (he thinks it makes you like those feinds in reefer madness). So to please them and to give my high tolerance a break i have decided to take a T break of a year (just until i finish university and could get my own place and buy bud with my own money).

    On the bright side i'm applying to do my masters in THE NETHERLANDS next year lol, if i get through....well u kno.....when in Enschede......................................
  2. Good luck man, also, a year is a very long time.
  3. that's good dude, sounds like you're definitely doing the right thing. i give you mad props for that.
    best of luck.
  4. well i would try making the year
  5. A year long T-Break? The longest T-Break that I've ever been on was something like three months and that was only because I was penniless and it was hell at the time. but a fucking year? Thats hard time brother... Shit gets crazier every year.
  6. Lol wow 70? How old are you?
  7. Only 23 lol..............

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