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Forced Hallucinations

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Visus, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. When I was about 8 years old I found out i could do this thing with my eyes where i turn my vision completely black. I just focus on a specific point and slowly everything goes black from the focus point.
    Tonight while I was smoking a bowl in my car in my driveway, I remembered that I used to do that and decided to give it a try again. When I did it, I focused on the roof of my house. Well instead of my vision turning all black, my roof turned into a black pyramid with trees all over it shaking their leaves everywhere. I blink and its all gone (just like normal with the blackness). I liked this and was curious enough to try it a few more times. The results were:
    a) my stuffed panda bear I hang from the rear view mirror started dancing freestyle.
    b) I turned my vision into puzzle pieces which then fell like a waterfall into the abyss.
    c) My steering wheel turning by itself
    d) I looked up at me car ceiling and did it. A little person appeared in a pink polo, khaki shorts, green sneakers, and a pinwheel hat. I called him Ralph. I went on an adventure with him across my ceiling. We were swinging across pits from snake vines and we almost fell down a hole but we clung to a branch and pulled ourselves to safety. Also we jumped across these spinning spikey things it was so crazy i think there might have even been a castle.

    So yeah i think this is pretty amazing right now. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or know how to do the blackout thing with your eyes?

    Pretty blazed guys, excuse the above of all indecencies. :smoke:

    nonsensical nonsense
  2. #2 Yosh139, Mar 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2012
    There are ways you can control your dreams :smoke:

    Edit: Nonsensical nonsense sounds more confusing than the above hallucinations. Just sayin' :D
  3. You got da skitz
  4. ^ haha , if hes legit and not mentally unstable i say hes lucky or just closed eye visuals
  5. I used to do the black out thing all the time as a kid. I'd even press against the outer sides of my eyes with my fingers to skew my vision even more. It was entertaining and kept me sitting still in those doctor's offices and church and stuff. I'm sure it was terrible for me, but oh well, it's already done.
  6. I'm actually so jelly. Have you tried it sober yet?

  7. I used to do this all the time. I also used to do the blackout trick. Who knew it was something anyone could do. I guess this is why we're stoners. lol We've been getting trippy before we had drugs.
  8. when everything goes black thats just your eyes closing by themselves.
  9. You probably got close eyed visuals, I've had plenty of them
  10. I get constant OEVs, sober or stoned. Because I have HPPD lol
    It's quite awesome because I can stare into the mirror at any point and my face will morph pretty intensely.
  11. Thats really cool man. If you know how to go into a creative state of mind easily(sounds like you do, haha) you can imagine some really wild shit. Keep playing around with it but just remember it's all in your head.
  12. I don't think you're some kind of super human, because I can focus on a point when it's dark and it'll slowly start to all turn to pitchblack.

  13. Same. I do that shit at night. Like I will turn my hallway completely black.
  14. Man, when I was 18 I used to tap a nap in my lunch break at work and when I came round I would see everything that was infront of me, vividly like my eyes were open but things werent quite right, it was all gone when I opened my eyes, I soon cottoned on and saw how long I could hold it before I opened my eyes so I could examine what I saw then open and compare. Weirdest this ever and I never knew what it was called... Just googled closed eye visuals and it explains it, I wasnt crazy after all :) was doing a lot of LSD around that age :p LOL...

    Ty man +rep for closing that one for me!

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