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  1. Ive heard somewhere if you leave a plant in 24 hours or 36 or something it will produce enough hormones to start flowering regardless of the light cycle, is this true?
  2. No. You are probably talking about autos. They go from seed to veg to flower regardless of light times.
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  3. Not autos, photoperiod, and I heard this is true and can work, esp with indicas
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  4. Nah bro it'll take at least a week of 12/12 or more to start inducing flower hormones. If you left your plants in the dark for three or four days then resumed normal lighting conditions, it could maybe trigger preflower, if they're mature enough. but you would quickly resume vegetative growth having the lights on more than 12 hours.

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  5. True.
    36 hours of dark at the flip will bring up the flowering hormones and cut a week or more off the beginning of flower.
    If you don't shorten the lighting hours after to 12-12 it'll confuse the plant and it'll try and flower then revert.

    The page I usually send people to for a detailed explanation is down it seems.

  6. But would it? My plants show signs of flower after about 3 days and no light dep period, just 12/12. My current flower was showing full on buds in 4 days.

    Is flowering triggered by light or dark period? The answer is still a bit unclear. We know that you can flower indoor plants with 12.5/11.5 and even 13/11 cycles, so obviously the 12 hours of darkness is not a hard rule, but neither is 12 hours of light. I’ve been growing outdoors for a while now. Outdoor plants will begin to flower LONG before 12/12. In fact, I have one Oil Spill clone that has already begun flowering, and it currently sees sun from 6am to about 830pm. There are other strains around it that have not flipped, so it could be a genetic factor, although it’s mother didn’t do this last year. Another strange example was my spring round of cloning. I had clones that I had purchased to go in my indoor tent while I flowered my outdoor clones outside. Some of those clones were taken from a flowering plant, and CONTINUED to flower outside all spring. 3 were triggered into flowering and continued to completion in 13+ hours of sun. I planted one in the dirt and it flowered, died off, and revegged. One is in the dirt and is still a huge bud. It never died, never revegged, and still sits there with about 1/2 oz bud. Waiting to see what happens with it.

    I’ve long been a proponent of a non-24 schedule, but never really been able to fully test it. I would love to flip one of my tents to 14/12 or something similar, but that would shift my cycle into the day, and the room will get too hot. I need to get a 2x2 going for experimental purposes. There are many things I would like to try.

    SOMEONE TRY THIS PLEASE! Get an extra 2x2, a rooted clone, and some fluorescents, and flip it to 14/12 or 15/13 and see what happens. The initial test should only take a little over a week. Further testing will need to be performed if it is discovered that flowering has been initiated. Could end up tricking the plant to flower longer for more yield, or less for faster turn around. If worst comes to worst, I can light dep an outdoor clone with a trash can like I did for my first outdoor grow in high school LOL.
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