Forbidden Fruits: 600+400 Watt

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    Hello all,

    You may have seen my other thread with the 12/12 from clones. Well here are the mothers first I'll give you some background about them.

    Story: So I had a bunch of seeds- Lemon OG kush- reserva privida, Vanilla Kush- Barneys. A bag seed Purple Ivy (normally don't do bagseed but loved it so much I was just happy to find a seed) Sleestack hash (freebie from herbies) I had them all in my 72 cell tray along with some Super Lemon haze clones. When all of the sudden the tray fell on the ground! All my labels were ruined and some of the seeds died. The end result was a grow with me not knowing which strain is which. The only ones I know what are are my 3 Super Lemon haze clones (bushes) the other 5 I am not sure.

    Space: 3.5 Depth 6.5 Length (Approx)

    Strain: 3 Super Lemon Haze, (Lemon OG Kush,

    Vanilla Kush, Sleestack, Purple Ivy)

    Veg time: about 6-7 weeks I think

    Flowering: Day 1

    Light: 400 HPS (left) 600 HPS (Right)

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  2. Hey Jim I'm in ...looks great again ..
  3. Today is day 3 I will update pictures once per week until the iPhone app comes out. I had some light leaks from my a/c but I believe I got them all now. Also the emergency blankets work well however they do retain heat! My grow room went up to 88! Normally I am at about 72-78. I turned my a/c down and temps are at 79 now. I'll monitor as I go along.

    Ladies look great. Pics in 4 days
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    New updates: So I added some of the emergency blankets to block the light from escaping out as much. Today is day 4 of flowering
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    Today is day 10 of flowering for my big ladies. I have 8 in 5 gal and I will likely not veg them this long as they are huge now! Yesterday I added a 3 gallon sensi star into the mix as well. Below are a few pictures from today.
  6. Got a hack on my iPhone to upload pictures!!

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  7. Here are a few pictures from yesterday day 15 of flower 100% organic

    Tips questions are welcome

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  8. Thinking about adding a 400 watt in the middle for added light in a vertical style. I wonder if it would be a good idea.
  9. A few pictures from today day 17

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  10. Changer name of thread now that I have pics

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  11. Subbed up man, looking good.
  12. Hello hello stopped by to check it out..
    Bummer about the mix up.
    You'll be able to tell probley late in flower.
    Sub'd up..
  13. A few updates from today day 18 video soon

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  14. I find it funny how a lot of us are weeks 1-3 right now.
  15. Its taking forever to upload the video from my iPhone any suggestions?
  16. I think it's great we can all compare/learn

    Video added from today
  18. 2 pics of the 600 ladies and bottom shots of 400 SLH

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  20. Popcorn

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