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  1. My choices, how about you? (best album)

    Eminem - the Marshal mathers LP. Kill you is the illest intro song that could be. The real slim shady is fuckin raw. Under the influence has a great message. Remember me is fuckin real gangster shit that got overlooked. Bitch please 2 is an ode to the chronic 2001 that everyone was bumpin at the time. This whole CD I felt was his darkest and my favorite to play.

    Brotha lynch - loaded. This CD is the shit. Brotha lynch paints the picture of a young black garden blocc crip's life of various guns, dank, cannabalism, necrophilia, rape, theft and of course murder murder murder in southside Sacramento. Also of course extremely dark.

    Lil wayne - the Carter 2 was hard I thought he had some crazy ass metephors in this CD very unique style. I think he had good music to blaze to very uplifting. Good songs were money on my mind, tha mobb, hit em up, hustla music and receipt.

    Any other rappers that have put out multiple albums with top to bottom stellar song
  2. Clipse - Hell Hath
    Z Ro - Crack
    K Rino - Volume 2
  3. I think my favorite rap right now is east coast new York shit - d block and all the oldies but goodies. Lil Wayne is still tight too
  4. Nas - Illmatic
    AZ - Doe or Die
    Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth Or Blood Money (love em both)

    my top three.
  5. Me against the World

    the perfect album IMO
  6. Since Illmatic was already mentioned, Hip Hop is Dead
  7. doggystyle
    cuban linkx
  8. Be - Common
    College Dropout
    Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP
    Low End Theory
    Live Love A$AP

    I know two of these are mixtapes and not albums, but whatever yo
  9. no one can do it better
  10. cuban linx
    me against the world
    lifestylez of da poor n dangerous
    that one gza album-liquid swords
  11. Also the 2001 cd is probably the illest cd in history. Biggie's greatest hits. The eminem show. Slim shady lp. The carter 3 is definitely mentionable. Like father like son is the best from lil Wayne or birdman. 50 cent get rich or die tryin. 2 PAC all eyes on me. The game the documentary and the doctor's advocate. D12 devil's night.
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    I would add the Slim Shady LP because thats just Em in his prime and his best album in my opinion
    "still dont give a fuck" such a good track, love the instrumental

    Edit: Oh you already said SSLP, true that and Rakim the master
    Enter the wu tang 36 chambers
  13. I would say 2001 cd is em at his best on what's the difference and forgot about dre
  14. Necro
    Ill Bill
    Snak the ripper
    la coka nostra
    army of the pharohs
    Aesop Rock

    Eminems older shit
  15. Thanks for sharing.......
  16. The Main Ingredient - Pete Rock and CL Smooth. A lot of people say this isn't even their best album, but to me is not only their best, but one of the bet albums. Front to back this album is fire. I think its a more focused and polished effort. The hooks are better and CL is on point. Pete Rock's beats are better. An amazing album that I can listen to front to back any day of the week.

    Madvillainy - Madvillain. Rare that two artists come together for a collab and absolutely bring the very best out of each other like Doom and Madlib do. I love Doom's raps, but this album has his finest ones of his entire career on it and aside from that Madlib is a far better producer than he is in my opinion. The album defys the mainstream loudly. Its a unique album that as a cohesive unit will never be duplicated.

    Honorable mentions: Fantastic Vol. 2 - Slum Village (Love this Dilla led effort, T3 and Baatin are so unique and the subject matter is brash and bold), Reflections Eternal - Talib Kweli, The Listening - Little Brother
  17. Blade icewood
    Chedda boyz
    Doughboyz cashout
  18. ran into this listening to some of the above mentioned songs
    Xzibit Feat. Eminem - Don't Approach Me
  19. Little Brother - the listening.

    That cd takes you on a roller coaster ride complete with 9th wonder providing the setting. Including a song where Phonte drops a crazy verse, and doesnt rhyme in it one time!

    Then phontes verse on the title track the listening hits home for a lot of us, referring to him speaking on music as sanctuary, but also those fans who say theyre "listening"

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