For you troubled boys...! Get a chick!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. That's great
  2. lol its not great its funny, but dumb....This shit was obviously written by some cyber dork who put up a picture of his fine (and I do mean FINE) sister...

    lol thanks for the laugh though sensimil :)
  3. So thats what i've been doing wrong. Treating women like queens isn't worth the effort!!
  4. lol yeah I was just talking to a guy friend today about it. He's pissed about this girl hes been kind of seeing is going back with her ex. Who treated her like shit! and my buddy is the sweetest guy. He like im gonna start treating these bitches like hos! honestly i think some girls do like their guys to be assholes!
  5. Lol funny. Allthough i dont know if i would follow ALL of the advice. =)

  6. You are right, sensi!!! For some reason most girls go for hateful men who treat them bad. The worse part of that is that the few really nice guys out there get hurt because women prefer the "bad" boys.

    I have seen girls stick with girls that treat them bad, too. One of my best friends always went back to her hateful and violent girlfriend. I never understood that! She was SO freakin' mean! UGH!!!!!!
  7. RMJL you just like to have a dominant partner!!!!!

    I have seen some of the best looking women, with the worst kind of dog shit there is. A close friend of mine got the hell beat out of her every week and must like it. She is still with that bastard and has had nice guys with money try to take her away. She has to make all the money and pay all the bills. Some people!!!!!!!!

  8. That's funny! I'm actually the dominant one!!!! LOL

  9. Don't be shy girl!! Spank me!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!!

    Damn I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to get spanked, oh i mean laid!!!
  10. ORIGINALLY POSTED BY SENSIMIL for all you troubled guys get a chick

    are you offering to be that chick,
    if so or If not, holla back
  11. yeah sensimil, wanna CYBER? hahahahhahahahhahahahaha
  12. aaaah to all the new boys around and my gf are laughing right now...lmao. ;) sry boys. im taken[​IMG]
  13. i was just making fun of the prior post if you meant me. I got almost 300 posts, thats not toooooo new, is it/
  14. yeah i'm new here but be damned sure i'm an experienced veteran smoker since 4th grade
  15. ok not for nothing. and nothing about being new. that wasnt what i meant...theres been a few posts that have been on the top for a while, with the talk of sensimil, female/male...i guess you missed them...........oooooh well....and well IMHO I think I could get a good few hundred posts if I really did sit here all day (lol, like I dont already, but.......) peace & smoke. thats all that matters! :smoke:

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