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Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. So I was looking through my new EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) mag today on the can, and I came across a game called NARC.

    Let me just say this...Wow. Here is exactly how EGM put it. Grand Theft Auto + Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke = NARC.

    I dont know if anyone has heard of the game, but this is the first time I have ever seen anything. I do know there was a NARC in the 90's aswell though.

    Anyway, you play as a cop who is looking to take out the dealers and suppliers. Thing is, you also do the drugs in the game. You can take a hit of Maryjane, drop some acid, and even do some speed.

    There is a pic of the game in the EGM article while the character is on LSD, and the enemies faces are of clowns and devils, pretty cool stuff.

    Here is a trailer of the game from Gametrailers:

    And here is an article on the game from CNN.
  2. There was an early 90's NES game called NARC. basically, the pixilated cop with a helmet on punched pimps and drug dealers who shot dots at you.
  3. haha, that sounds pretty cool. I dunno if Ill get it, doesnt look like my kind of game. I'm more into rpg/strategy kind of stuff. I might rent it though, see what its like.
  4. Never heard of it before, but that sounds sweet. What system is it for?
  5. I beleive its for all 3 main consoles (Play Station 2, Xbox, and Gamecube) and im sure it will be on PC also.

    But I could be wrong, I just know its 100% for Play Station 2 and Xbox.
  6. What? None of you guys remember the origional N.A.R.C. arcade machine? you kdding me? :D

    You would walk along the sidewalk shooting guys, and theres cash and DOPE on the ground, if u pick up cash u get points if you pick up dope you walk slower and shoot bullets slower hahahaha :D

    Actually, an incredibly fun game.. And especially when you take all the dope and ur guy cant move and shit ;) fuck the cash.

  7. looks kindof fun.

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there was a link on the trailer site............. go to look at these comps....... omfg, o SHIT! i just jizzed all over myself...... god damnit! but this comp is sooooo awesome.. my god.... costs like $5-$8k though....... :( damn i wish i were rich...
  8. sweet fucking christ! Did you see what those rigs were cooled by? it's a fucking refrigerator engine! Oh god, me wants!
  9. kind of off topic, but jrilla, is that YMSB in your sig?
  10. actually I think thats pink floyd

    I don't know, that game sounds like it might get old real fast

  11. Its Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd.

  12. he kinda looks like triple H to me


  13. i remember the old game on arcade, i played it a lot back then, very cool game, and it was as unpolitically correct as it is possible to make any game.
  14. Cool, that sounds like a fun one, heh.... what system/pc is it for?

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