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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SECNEEK, May 15, 2003.

  1. since i added those extra lights in my box, it has been geting very hot.. it has constant air circulation. and an exhaust for the hot air to blow out from.. im using a large computer fan for the exhaust, and plug in house fan to blow fresh air guessing the plant is gonna be Ok cause its always has fresh air blowing on it, there for keeping the plant cool.. but what about the heat? its almost at 90 in the box, will it effect the way it grows? or should i not really worry since its getting constant air flow.. except at night when i turn eveything off since im on 12/12...????
  2. 90 is pretty low does it get at night?

    That's suprising since temperatures that fluctuate greatly tend to have longer internodal growth...but the nodes on your plant are close together which is a good thing.

    If you can get some fans blowing directly on the bulbs that would probably help...also it's easier to extract air then it is to push in so maybe use two fans for the exhaust instead of just one...just an idea.
  3. 90 is warm, but not the kiss of death, Ive grown in upper 90's before. Its not ideal, but you have to make due, As long as its a hardy strain, and most seed bag beans are, and you let in as much fresh air as possible I think youll be ok.
  4. i was thinking about adding another fan, because like u said, its easy to Extract air other than Pushing air through.. so im guessing 2 exhaust fans will pull more air into the box and help cool it off... the only reason i dont wanna do that is because i have hardly anymore plug space.. and for ur question about how the temp at night.. its like 75 when i turn everything on in the morning. then fluxuates through out the day..

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