For those without weed!

Discussion in 'General' started by DjGanja, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Ya know I was just sittin here about to smoke this bowl and I started thinking about all the people that have no weed right now (whatever the reason may be). So I'm gonna smoke this bowl in honor of all the people that can't right now. :smoking:

    Toke up GrassCity!!!
  2. Yep that would be me.. well I have about half a bowl of crippy but im saving that for when i get desperate tomorrow.. my first sober day probably in a while.
  3. do you live down south? fla.. maybe?? I hear thats where crippy runs abundant.. always wanted to try some.

  4. crippy is the shizzznit isnt it, are you in fl? if not how did u get it
  5. that would be me aswell, happy tokin :smoking:
  6. thanks bro. i managed to get some out of my carpet that i spilled a few days ago, but it was only worth like 3 hits, and i didnt even get that high. dammit man my friend was supposed to give me a blunt friday at school but he got robbed the night before and had to go to the hospital.
  7. I've been there man, but ya just gotta think of how HIGH you'll be when you do get weed again. First hit after being without...good times.
  8. That would also be me, and will be me, sadly, for another 3 to 4 months. Oh well...
  9. no weed on me right now....but tomorrow imma have some: Purple Hayze (not really purple HAZE, but i named it HAYZE cause its purple....but i dont know the strain :smoke:) some Royal Purple Kush, and some Hindu Kush.

    imma be bloooown. :smoking: :bongin:
  10. Thanks, but imma bout to spark my own bowl ;)

    peace! :bongin:
  11. holds true for pretty much all of florida
  12. yo yea dude thats all i get usally some fire krip i live down in miami florida anyone in the area let me kno oh yea by the way no krip on me right now but i plan to have some before 2:30 imma get bout a gram and smoke it in the forest by my house pretty chill out there MAN I WANNA SMOKE RIGHT NOW like right right now
  13. krip is a florida only thing? lol i never knew that. isn't it just another saying for dank stuff? anything special or different about it?
  14. hey im from orl and it is usually pretty good if you can get it but theres obviously better shit, its like a preference thing
  15. hey im from orl and it is usually pretty good if you can get it but theres obviously better shit, its like a preference thing
  16. awwww man thats me right now WEEDLESS almost makes ya cry

    and i cant get any until friday DAMN for me

  17. no weed til friday...gotta live off resin til then :'(
  18. DjGanja, you rock my socks. toke on.
  19. SHIT! I thought you were gonna tell me how to get high without havin' buds...

  20. crip is what we call chronic or dank in florida
    if you in miami get at me son

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