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For those who want to know......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Yes I have a new lady friend who I admire more than I should.

    She is a very intelligent and nice lady who likes almost everything that I do.

    She does smoke weed and she likes sex!!! <<That is a must for this ole boy!

    NO I'm not getting married (at least not yet) anytime in the near future.

    She likes fishing.<< another plus!

    She also is VERY good with the kids.. They like her as well!

    BTW watch out for the stomach viris that is going around. My 16 year old got it first. Then my 11 year old and Samantha has it now. I had to come home early today because the sitter won't sit sick kids......the bitch........

    Ya'll better watch out because Samantha Clause is getting close!!!
  2. Awwww...that's cool for you, Bud Head!!! I hope she knows what a great catch you are! Tell her if she doesn't. I mean it!

    Just take it slow and enjoy each other and life. You don't have to be married to have a great relationship with someone.

    Oh yeah, the stomach virus. We have one going around here. Sick people know not to get near me....I growl at 'em. Grrrrrrr....I hate for my stomach to hurt. I hope you don't get it but it'll be hard to miss out on with the whole family getting it. Good luck!!!

    Congrats on the girlie! Be happy!
  3. bh. you break my heart, but have mended it all the same time..I wish I was her! but good for her! and you! lol...

    the way it sounds, a match in what heaven lies on this earth, but go ahead and float in space with this one! she sounds awesome for you buddy!

    once again, tonight, i am smiling good cause you ;) be good! and keep me smiling! lol :)

    glad to hear, you sound sooooooo happy! go witha bad self BH!!!

  4. I didn't think we had a chance, me being male and all!LOL

    Critter She won't let me post a picture of her on the net, not yet anyway. I wish I could though!

    RMJL marriage is not even an option for a long time!
  5. its always nice to after frolicing in bed, to share a nice fat joint... yeah, and then they make some munchies.... thats the life... sorry to hear about your kids getting sick, i had the 24 hour bug, and it sucked...
  6. lol yeah bh..but you guys are putting these lil ideas in my, I couldnt do it! lol ;)
  7. You better not, Sensi!!!!!!! That'll ruin my fantasy! ;)
  8. that damned stomach virus, i was doubled over in pain throwing up, FOR GODS SAKE, I COULDNT EVEN SMOKE A CIGGARETTE LET ALONE WEED!!! I HATE BEING SICK! POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!
  9. Good for you budhead ... contrats
  10. Congrats Bud Head.........I knew you would find someone that makes you all warm and tingly inside!!!! She is indeed a lucky lady!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nice one BudHead!!
  12. Way to go, BH! You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I know she is a lucky lady to have you in her life. Have fun!
  13. She is a great girl. I am letting things go how ever they go. I haven't known her long enough to know if I want to spend the rest of my days with her . I do know that the girl thinks alot of me and I think a lot of her.

    I buy pipe materials where this girl works. She has a great personality and I guess that was the first thing i picked up on.

    Funny thing is............I went up there a couple weeks ago and she asked me out. Kinda blew my mind that she wanted to go out.

    I (trying to be a ladies man) took her to a nice resturant, and movie. That was all for the first date.
    The second date i invited her to my house so I could fix her dinner. The dinner went wonderfully and we played with the kids afterwards. She stayed for a long time after the kids were in bed. We smoked a couple of joints and talked about alot of things.

    Third date she decides she wants to fix me dinner. She really knows how to cook. She ask me what I wanted and I told her to surprise me. All I can say is it was delisous. after all that we settled down for a good night of making each other happy. She is damn good at that too!

    I'll just have to see how the ball plys out!

  14. Hahahahahaahaha
    She is NOT inflatable LOL

    She is a living, breathing, sweet person! LOL
  15. get her to post here~!
  16. on second thought.. she might think you're a loser if you act like the city is half your life. heh.
  17. She visits the city with me. She thinks ya'll are good people.

    She said critter is a funny guy.

    She may register before to long!!!

    What ever will be will be! If she turns out to be the one, then I'm ready. If not then I'll look on!
  18. Give us an update, Bud Head!!!
  19. What do you want me to do RMJL tape us doing the sexual thing?? Huh lol

    Things are still good. I am taking things slow and easy. I am having her to let me meet all of her family and see what kind of back ground she has.... She told me that she thought i was acting like I was giving her a loan or something.. LOL
  20. That's funny, Bud Head...a loan!

    Well, you have Samantha and the others and it's important that you know what she's like beyond what you see when it's just you guys. I'm happy for you.

    Hey...if you do happen to tape some action, slip it into Pandora's Box! ;)

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