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Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. So for those of you who sometimes smoke by yourselves, How long do you think your session is? When im home for whatever reason, I'm normally smoking and on grasscity..But im nornally not home on the weekdays that much. I'm out the door at 7:30am and come home around midnight. So when i start, i'll make a bowl last about an hour..but it's bowl after bowl untill i go to bed..
  2. wow...i just read that and i started rambling...oops...i woke uo and hour ago and pulled my recliner to my desk, covered me with a blanket, packed a bowl and came on here.. :D
  3. :) lol. its great
  4. Oh man, one of my favorite things to do every once in a while is light up a nice fat J in my backyard, and play some reggae, or Ben Harper on my acoustic. Followed by a cigarette, ah man, it doesn't get much better than that.
  5. Ya know, i seem to work every sunday and most of the time saturday as well..So it's seldom thayt i git a day of from both school and school..still here smoking. I wish i could hit my bong like a used to..I used to be able to cash it in one hit. Now, I get weaker hits before i'm gasping for more air.
  6. hehe i smoke alone when im gonna take a bath or a shower, then when the water falls on u, it feel like yur spagethhi or pasta heheahhea kewl feeling

  7. I love to toke right before getting a shower..I got a radio in there too :) good times lol
  8. I'm taking a break on smoking right now b/c of an upcoming drug test, but my favorite thing to do is just roll yourself a jay and go for a's the best!
  9. yeah for me basically it is bowl after bowl until bedtime, but we try not to start smoking until 7.. that way i can get dinner done and etc. i live with my bf but we smoke constantly and technically we're alone. and on the weekends it feels like we never stop smoking. :D

    the best is to roll a j and smoke it to your head. i do that wayy too often.
  10. one of my favorite places to smoke is in one of those HUGE showers with the seat built into it and just puff away. then facing the shower head towards you and takin a shower while sittin down is jsut amazing. lol, i hate having to just stand in the same place when im stoned... far to lazy for taht buisness. ....another awesome place is one of those out door jacuzzi's (sp?), the ones with all the crazy ass seats and jets. those fuckers suck the energy right out of you. once i get in, it takes me like an hour to get out.
  11. When I smoke alone ,I prefer to be by myself. ;)

    When there is stash in my stashbox ,I'm high. It is sort of a 24/7 maintenance sort of high.

    I'll explain one day.

  12. I know exactly what your talking about. It's the same here, if i have weed at home, im smoking it and im high. But i wanted to give myself a little break, so i smoked all my weed and didn't buy any more for a minute. So todays my first smokefree day. :smoke:

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